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Sunday, May 5, 2019

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Discussion Questions

I am so proud to announce this first in a series of Discussion Questions about books (and movies inspired by books!) by veteran teacher Carolyn Wilhelm who offers other aids for teachers, parents, and anyone who fosters literacy--many of them absolutely free. Find them on Pinterest and follow her @wiseowlfactory on Twitter.  Book club groups and library events directors will find her Discussion Guide Series useful, too!  And what about teachers who must prepare quizzes for reading assignments! Watch for new ones on the 5th of every month, right here on #TheNewBookReview!

Questions About THE HOBBIT:

An Unexpected Journey

Discussion Questions

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is the 1st third of the Hobbit book.  It's the prequel to Lord of the Rings.

Before vacation, sometimes teachers have been known to show a movie, and some classes might watch The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey (movie). Movies work with comprehension questions as test preparation practice. The PDF could be used as a discussion guide for the teacher or students might work in small groups to see if they can remember what they saw. Answers are provided in the PDF at the next link. 

Unexpected Journey comprehension questions free instant download by clicking on this link

    1. Who was telling (writing) the story in the movie? 

2. What happened to ruin the peaceful, prosperous Lonely Mountain and the Mines of Moria

3. Why do the Dwarves want their ancestral home back? 

4. Why does Thorin especially want to fight the pale Orc? 

5. How does Bilbo Baggins become involved in the quest to enter Lonely Mountain?

6. Why does the company need Bilbo’s help? 

7. Which groups in the story especially love food? 

8. Do the Dwarves have good table manners?  Explain.

9.  Did you notice the map in the beginning of the story?  Is it important later? Why?

10. How does the company escape the three trolls? 

11. What swords does the company take from the trolls after they turn to stone? 

12. Who is in the Lonely Mountain and has control of the gold? Explain.

13. What does the wizard Radagast tell the company?

14. Does Radagast’s hedgehog live? Do all the animals live?

15. Who chases the company after they see Radagast? 

16. Why do the Orcs on Wargs leave?

17. What are Orcs?  What are Wargs?   

18. What does Gandalf tell the Elves of Rivendell?

19. What happens after they leave Rivendell?

20. How do things go when the company is taken by the Great Goblin?

22.  Where is Bilbo when the company is fighting the Goblins?

22. What happens that causes the company to climb trees?

23. Why do some believe Smaug is dead?  Is he really dead?  Explain.

24. Name a character in the movie not in this part of the book. 

25.  If you have also read the book, tell which you like more, the movie part 1 or the book (so far)?  Why?

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Discussion Questions

Students might also discuss how the book and movie are the same and different. Some students will have only read the books or only have seen the movie and can explain the missing information to each other. Really, it is "test prep" in that it is comprehension and so it if fits a class, then it would be nice to have on hand.

Note: The first movie, An Unexpected Journey, covers chapters 1 to 6, a total of just over 81 pages which comprise:
  • The Unexpected Party and formation of the company.
  • The Trolls.
  • Rivendell.
  • Crossing the Misty Mountains and the Goblins.
  • Gollum.
  • The Eagles.
Thank you for reading, Carolyn Wilhelm, Wise Owl Factory


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