Friday, August 23, 2019

Read Our Lips Reviewer Shares Fave with The New Book Review Readers

Title: Reverb
Author: J. Cafesin
Reverb website:
Genre: Romantic Suspense; Literary Fiction
ISBN-10: 0615756395
ISBN-13: 978-0615756394
Rating: 5 Stars
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Reviewed by Angie originally for Read Our Lips

Listed as Favorite Book!

Sir James Michael Whren goes by James Logan is attending his half brother's funeral in England. He's anxious to get back to his music studio to continue working on his current project. His father, Edward Whren wants to have chat with him about his future which leaves James feeling resentful and sullen to his father's presence. Edward continues the conversation he started five years prior to which James replies let's not go down this road again because he wants nothing to do with Whren Trust or inheriting anything from his father. Edward Whren hatches a plan to keep James in England but he could not foresee what happens next to James. James is arrested at Heathrow Airport on a trumped up charge of dealing drugs and forced into rehab but that is the beginning of his worst nightmare of his life for the next year and half. James manages to escape where he's being held to eventually States to gain access to his money~so he can disappear again. James does that and more. He's hidden on island of Greece called Corfu and eventually meets Elisabeth Whitestone and her son Cameron. James slowly comes out of his shell being around Elisabeth and Cameron. James is completely haunted by his past and can't seem to shake just wanting to die. Elisabeth knows that something awful happened to James eventually gets him to start eating and pick up his musical skills again. Will James let his past continue to haunt him? Will James find his muse again? Will James love both Elisabeth and Cameron? Will Elisabeth admit her feelings for James? Your answers await you in Reverb.

Reverb is gut wrenching emotional rollercoaster from first page to last page. I've found my favorite book and character of the year in this book. I honestly don't have the words to explain or describe how this book affected me. I applaud the author for bolding stepping into this dark path and the courage to follow thru with it. I highly recommend this book. I look forward to next book presented by this author.

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