Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Our "Getting-Reviews" Gal Lois W. Stern Offers #FrugalBookPromoTips

Want #More Book Reviews . . .  Dynamite Hint #14 to the Rescue
Some Important Tips From Your NewBlogSpot trusted review coordinator, Lois W. Stern            
Carolyn and I have been working hard to catch the eye of potential reviewers and get them to review your books. We note that those of you who offer real paper editions, (unless of course it’s only available as an e-book), are at an advantage. 
Did you know that even if you dont have a supply of books on hand, you can order individual copies of your book on Amazon AT YOUR AUTHOR PRICE and have them shipped directly to the reviewer’s address? Think of it this way, a few dollars to ship a copy of your book gives someone a big incentive to accept your gift and write that review. It's frugal and ethical.  And it nudges your Amazon logarithm stats.
If you are looking for more reviews and are onboard for shipping some of your actual books to a potential reviewers, complete the form below and e-mail me (or copy and paste:  into your browser), with the words GENEROUS OFFER in the subject line, so I can highlight your review request next to your book listing.

DESCRIPTION: (75 word maximum)
AMAZON SHORTENED URL: (Use Tiny url or other)
GENEROUS OFFER: (Number of gift books you are willing to send to potential reviewers:)

Another nifty idea is to e-mail potential reviewers a few BOOK CLUB DISCUSSION QUESTIONS to help guide them while drafting their review- a great way to spark the reviewer’s own creativity.
Once you ship a book to a reviewer, send them a follow-up e-mail, thanking them and asking them to let you know when their Amazon review is posted. 
Steps to ordering a review copy of your book directly from Amazon:
  • Go to your Amazon KDP page.
  • On the right side of your book display, look for the words PAPERBACK ACTIONS and click on Order author copies”.
  • On the next screen, click on quantity 1, select the marketplace from the drop down menu, and check the box This is a gift
  • Proceed to the checkout, where you will be asked to fill in additional info as name and shipping address of person receiving your gift, and method of payment.
When people pass your book around, lots of good things start to happen: .it increases your exposure, your Fanbase and buzz about you. And isn’t that what each author is hoping to achieve?  
We’re off to a great start. Let’s keep the momentum going. And in my future blog postings, I’ll reach out to readers with this incentive that every reviewer gets the gift of a book they have hand picked.

Working together, we can make this project a huge success! Can we count on you to help it succeed by also selecting a book of interest to you, contacting that author for a gift copy and posting an Amazon review?

Lois W. Stern
Creator of Tales2Inspire® 

Tales2Inspire was a kernel of an idea I started in 2012 that has grown to proportions even I didn’t dare to envision. My innate curiosity about potentially fascinating human interest stories was the spark that ignited this idea, but it was the confused state of traditional publishing that propelled me forward. Tales2Inspire delivers exactly what it promises as both an ‘Authors Helping Authors’ project and a contest. Winners get their stories published in print, e-book and some even in video formats, with their names, headshot photos, and mini-autobiographies included. Then I spread the word about the winners and their stories on my blog, social media and monthly newsletter. FREE to enter, this is a great competition for talented newbies and seasoned authors alike. If you would like to read some of these published stories, click here (or copy and paste: into your browser) for a FREE Sampler.

Learn more here:
Tales2Inspire website:
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Blog: http:://www.tales2inspire/blog


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