Saturday, October 3, 2020

How Jack and the Beanstalk Can Help Us Authors - Plus Hint #22

What We Can Learn From Jack and the Beanstalk 

Plus Hint Number 22 for Getting Book Reviews

by Lois W. Stern, 

#TheNewBookReview Book Review Acquisition Coordinator

Hint #22 from Carolyn Howard-Johnson's How to Get Great Book Review Frugally and Ethically

"When your author name appears anywhere on Amazon, your name (also) appears on other authors' buy pages when you write reviews for their books. Your expertise and experience as an author shows when you (write reviews for other authors.) "  Pages 162-163 How to Get Great Book Reviews

Remember how Jack traded the family cow for a handful of beans? Then his mother deemed them worthless and tossed them outside, but soon discovered how wrong she was! Those beans turned out to be magic, providing their family with untold riches. 

So if you are an author who thinks writing reviews for others is a useless waste of your precious time, think again. The reviews you write are a bit like Jack’s magic beans, 'cause they scatter over the internet, increasing your visibility and networking opportunities. If you take the time to do it well (that means some well written original thoughts), other readers will notice. Be sure your name gets out there as part of the review with a byline or short credit line including a link to your website or the buy page for your book! 

I make it easy for you to find books to review. Use those magic reviewing beans to increase your visibility as an author of merit. Select a book of interest to you from my growing list of talented authors, one that you would like to read and review. 

And after your review is posted, follow these steps to apply for a personal banner to use for your continued book promotion. 

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