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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Lois W. Stern's Inspirational Anthology Reviewed for The New Book Review

Gifts of Compassion

Title: Tales2Inspire ~ The Ruby Collection

Subtitle: Gifts of Compassion

Series: Tales2Inspire

Author and Editor: Lois W. Stern

Genre: Inspirational Anthology 

Publisher: Tales2Inspire

ISBN-13:  978-1495940088
ISBN-10: 149594008X

Page Count: 129

Price: $11.25, PB, $4.99 Kindle

Format: Paperback, Ebook, PDF

Reviewed by Midwest Book Reviews 

Ruby is the gemstone symbolizing friendship and love, according to Lois W. Stern. Winning writing contest submissions are included in this anthology. Some stories center on the ability of animals to feel emotions and express them in uncanny ways. Some are about the Idea that when we give, we often get more in return. Some of the protagonists sacrificed something significant to help others. A ten-year-old decided to run seven marathons on seven continents and the amazing tale of how she did so Is told in these pages. Jack’s Holocaust experiences will touch your heart, as it did for the million and a half of people he has shared it with as a speaker. A tough prisoner turns his life around when the prison changes from punishment to rehabilitation. 

This book is filled with compassion, kindness, and love. In a word, inspirational. Each story includes photographic proof. It is difficult not to be impressed and moved.

Did you know Tales2Inspire has an annual no-fee inspirational writing contest and winning entries are published in an anthology? Do you have a special story to share, along with a photo or two? 

Lois W. Stern hopes you will submit one if you do! 

Lois W. Stern is a former teacher. She is motivated to help other aspiring authors on their individual paths to discovery. She has published ten anthologies to date and earned two National Indie Excellence Awards. 

On her site, a free ebook is available at to read sample stories. If you sign up for the newsletter, you will find out when she runs reduced book price specials, as well. 

Be inspired, or even inspire others! 

Thank you for reading TheNewBookReview!


Tales2inspire® was a kernel of an idea I initiated in 2012, growing in proportions even I didn’t dare to envision. My innate curiosity about potentially fascinating human interest stories was the spark that ignited this idea, but there was something more propelling me forward - my belief in the power of stories to shape our thinking. Famed biographer, Doris Kearns Goodwin has repeatedly written about this theme in relation to some of our greatest presidents, who recognized the power of stories and used their storytelling abilities to reach the people they were chosen to govern. Each of the non-fiction stories published in one of the Tales2inspire® books was selected similarly - not only for its artful writing, but for its skill in delivering an underlying message to inspire each of us to reach for the best within us. Try us out with a Free sampler filled with six published T2I stories at:


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Lois W. Stern said...

Thank you so much for this beautiful review. There are so many loving, caring people in this world, (and animals too), but the daily news doesn't focus much on them. Instead we get the constant barrage of the kind of news that makes disparaging headlines. So one of my missions with Tales2Inspire is to remind people that goodness still prevails on our Earth, and that each of us, in even some small way, has the power to make this world or even our tiny corner of it, shine a bit more brightly.
Lois W. Stern
Creator of Tales2Inspire®
An "Authors Helping Authors" project