Friday, May 7, 2021

Finding Great Professional Reviewers Using Repected Cision List and More!

  • I use this Writers & Publishers Network service from for my new books just as often as I can.  And I have a new AUDIO book I want this list of professional reviewers (meaning there is no charge to authors or publishers!)  to see! Deadline May 25, 2021. 

Get advance reviews for Summer and Fall releases!
Is your book coming out this Summer or Fall?
Was the book released since November 2020?
Get your book in front of 2,800+ legitimate book reviewers, Amazon reviewers, and book bloggers
Solve the mystery of getting a book in front of legitimate reviewers. WPN has the answers to these questions:

• Where do I find reviewers and book bloggers?
• How do I get in front of Amazon Key Reviewers?
• What do I present to them?
• Do I send a print book or an ebook?

Feature your book in this service from WPN. Open to members and nonmembers.
Sign up now and be part of New Releases from...for June 2021
Deadline for next issue is May 25, 2021
Book must have been released since November 2020
or will be released this Summer or Fall.
This targeted e-newsletter goes to the top 2,800+ book reviewers, Amazon reviewers, and book bloggers. The list is pulled from Cision, the world’s leading database for print, online, broadcast, and all other media such as book bloggers and podcasters. We update before sending out the newsletter so everyone receiving the newsletter is an active, legitimate reviewer.
The fee to participate is $250 per book for non WPN members.
For members, it's $175. Includes book cover, 75-word description,
one or two great reviews, full information for ordering book, etc.
View the February issue

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