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Thursday, June 17, 2021

When Saigon Surrendered: A Kentucky Mystery by James Aura, Book Review

Title: When Saigon Surrendered: A Kentucky Mystery (Kentucky Mysteries Book 1) 

Author: James Aura
Publisher: Independent
ISBN-10: 1717881262
Page Count: 222 pages
Formats (PB, Kindle)


ISBN-13: 978-1717881267


Price: $9.99 paperback, $2.99 Kindle

When Saigon Surrendered: A Kentucky Mystery by James Aura, Book Review

Carolyn Wilhelm


This book is surprising in many ways. For one thing, it is not about war and does not take place in Vietnam. It takes place in Kentucky, USA, dealing with the aftereffects of war. For another, a nice 19-year-old college student plans and is brave enough (with the help of two friends) to face human trafficking criminals anonymously and unasked to help the authorities. Student Russell returns to the farm and studies for finals while living with his grandmother. However, she dies, and he partly blames himself for not calling for an ambulance as he drove her to the hospital himself. After her death, family secrets become apparent and he seems to take the new information in stride. He considered both sides of all the information as he works around the farm. Soon, danger is all around and he needs a gun with him to milk the cows. 

Russell's Uncle begins to make the farm organic and has some other "special" plans. Finances are a problem, as is Russell's scholarship when the college is unbending about allowing extra time for finals after the funeral. Crops are ready to harvest in time although the money is soon spent. 

Russell is clever and his extensive planning, gathering help from a variety of people, helps put the plan in motion. However, it seems like sheer luck, as well as courage, are both needed. I became anxious because I couldn't see how it would all resolve. I kept reading until done so I could get to the ending.

Yes, there is a girlfriend or two. Yes, the friends are interesting characters. Yes, some new relatives are part of the story. And the Sherrif is not at all what he thought before. The cats seem to know when to disappear, alerting Russell to possible problems. 

The characters are multicultural. Man-made climate change is revealed in some of the events. 
Humor is sprinkled throughout the book. Songs from 1975 are mentioned, and there is a YouTube soundtrack of the recognizable music. 

This book was an enjoyable read and brought back memories from the time. James Aura has a talented and bright writing style. I read The Kentucky Mysteries in the wrong order, but they are stand-alone books and it didn't matter. I was sad to come to the end of his three books, and hope he writes more!

Thank you for reading, 
Carolyn Wilhelm

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