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The Crystal Pond A Young Girl’s Journey Through Imagination by Alvin M. Stenzel

TITLE: The Crystal Pond
SUBTITLE: A Young Girl’s Journey Through Imagination
AUTHOR: Alvin M. Stenzel
GENRE: Young Adult
AGE / INTEREST LEVEL: 10 and up, young women
PAGEs: 175
PUBLISHER: Independently Published

The Crystal Pond A Young Girl’s Journey Through Imagination by Alvin M. Stenzel


The Crystal Pond is a beautiful modern day Fairy Tale. It is filled imagination and
inspiration and enchantment. It draws the reader to the desire to do better, to create better, to
love better, to be better. As with all brilliant fairy tales, it weaves its teachings and gifts within a
beautiful story. I can highly recommend this as more than just a mere story, but truly as an

PERMISSION NOTICE: Permission for use granted

Alvin Stenzel is a retired CPA living in The Villages in Florida. He spent most of his life working in the DC area and living in suburban Maryland. He is the author of several other motivational books, as well as poems and articles for newspapers and magazine. This is his first novel.

The first section of The Crystal Pond was written many years ago as a Christmas present for an eleven-year-old young lady who lived down the street. For her next birthday, it only made sense to write a sequel. It quickly became clear that there would be five parts.

The real beauty of the story is that the young lady eventually became his step-daughter. She is now a mother of her own with two beautiful daughters.

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