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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Inspiration Through the Divine

Title: Miracle: the novel
Author: M.L. Bushman
Genre: Inspirational fiction
ISBN: 978-1-934340-55-4/1-934340-55-3
Rating: Five cups (highest possible)
Publisher: Jigsaw Press

Reviewed by Lettetia @ Coffee Time Romance

Carol Flannigan lost her fiancĂ© through a suspicious accident. He was trampled to death by the horse he took so much pride in. Or was he really? Carol has lost faith with God, life, and with everything else in her life. Her father’s ranch is failing and teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, and all she can think of is ending it all. Rory Flannigan lost one of the very best horsemen when he lost his future son-in-law to a senseless accident. He has been praying for a miracle to help them find out what happened to Chase and to help his daughter overcome the numbing grief and suspicion clouding the ranch.

Micah Divine is a heavenly being on his latest mission. Overseen by Gabriel, he first encounters Carol when she flings herself off a cliff, only to be caught by Micah. He is not quite sure what to make of the human form and vocabulary, but one thing is certain; there is a killer at the Flannigan ranch. Kerry Penfield is in charge of the horses now that Chase is dead. Caught by Rory and Micah whipping a valuable stallion, he shows a vicious streak. When Micah shows him what a true “horse whisperer” really is, Kerry is reassigned to work as a plain ranch hand. Resentful, he is full of secrets and plans; is he responsible for the death of Chase? He is the only witness after all.

Micah, Carol, Rory and the hands all have their suspicions about the death of Chase, but it will take divine intervention to bring them healing and resolution. While Micah is becoming more adept at the nuances of human form, he is also on the trail of a killer. Will he discover who the villain is in time, or will someone else have to die first?

M.L. Bushman captures the essence of a spiritual being, flaws and all, with an impressive flair. Micah is indeed “Divine” and a much needed healing presence in the lives of so many wounded souls. The storyline kept a steady pace, with plenty of intrigue and tension to keep this reader turning pages to finish the story. Riveting, realistic, fascinating, witty and emotional; all of these add up to a whale of a tale that I will re-read again and again. Bravo, Ms. Bushman, Miracle is truly one of a kind!
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


Stirling said...

Thanks for the review, Letitia. I also read "Miracle" and enjoyed seeing human life through the eyes of an angel. I agree that the suspense and romance are skilfully entwined in this highly readable novel!

CarltonDoorman said...

Mari is a bright spot on any writers radar. She casts a presence and style that is a joy to behold, and a challange to match. One day, perhaps soon, we can say, "I discovered Mari before the masses did" it will be a badge of honor. Hats off Mari, another masterpiece. CarltonDoorman

Jim said...

Miracle gives the reader a new perspective on life. Mari's insight, that went into this novel, has left me wanting more.