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Friday, December 21, 2007

Trade Secrets for Stitchers

Needlepoint Trade Secrets
Janet M. Perry

Reviewed by Michelle Hufford

In her introduction to Needlepoint Trade Secrets, Janet Perry states, ". . . even though I've been stitching for over 30 years, I still discover ways to make my stitching better, learn a new stitch, or rediscover something from times past." On her website,, Janet bills herself first and foremost as a teacher. She wrote the original edition of Needlepoint Trade Secrets in the interest of sharing her discoveries.

And does she ever!

Janet offers fantastic tips on everything from where to find design ideas (your favorite lifestyle magazine is a great place to start!), to color choices (a good color wheel is invaluable), to how to finish your completed canvas easily and inexpensively.

As a 30-plus-year stitcher myself, I must admit that the most daunting question I face with a completed canvas is, "OK, now what do I do with this?" Most stitchers will tell you that their UFO pile is as large as it is because of the expense of finishing. Janet's terrific suggestions include everything from how to beat the high cost of custom framing, to innovative uses for those gorgeous belt canvases.

Although there is a lot in Needlepoint Trade Secrets, Janet's breezy
style makes this 122-page book an easy read. Its short, bullet-filled
chapters make this a fast read. The revised edition's small size (the
original book was 8-1/2 by 11) makes it ideal to keep in your
stitching bag.

Do those ever-changing airline rules make you unsure whether or not you'll be able to stitch on a plane? No problem! With Needlepoint Trade Secrets at hand, you can read about our favorite obsession when you're 50,000 feet up. Be sure to have a pen and plenty of Post-Its handy! You'll need them to mark your favorite tips for easy future reference.
The reviewer is Michelle Hufford, owner Come to the Point! in San Rafael, California. Janet M. Perry blogs at

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