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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Great Cholesterol Lie

The Great Cholesterol Lieby Dr. Dwight Lundell
ISBN #978-0-9790340-1-5
Physicians Health Plan

Review by Tally Green

That’s the question –Why are we still faced with an epidemic of heart disease that will kill more than half of our population? Dr. Lundell witnessed heart disease; he held it in his hands a quarter century after performing over 5,000 open heart surgeries.

While he was saving lives for many years he also wrestled with what he saw in the arteries of every patient-inflammation. The question he asked himself was why was inflammation present?

This book is about a dedicated heart surgeon, Dr. Dwight Lundell. He wrote this book for the people, our hearts, our life’s for us to act on the knowledge and share this information with our loved ones, friends, etc. We need to tell as many about the truth so we can save as many life’s as possible. The book helped me to understand the reason people develop and die from heart disease. If only I knew what I just found out I would have been able to help some of my family and friends that have passed away as a result of heart disease. I thought high cholesterol was the cause of heart related diseases.

Now I see the real cause is inflammation-not cholesterol. This is inflammation you have swelling, redness, heat and pain around the area of the reaction to the injury or infection. The combination of the low fat and low cholesterol diet with other life style choices has created a firestorm. The most important thing to understand is with the long lists of aliments-inflammation is the common factor in almost all cases. The awesome news is that we can reduce inflammation. Dr. Lundell’s book explains in very simple terms how to take a stand and fight inflammation. We just need to read this book and follow his recommendations, watch our health change, get that glow back in our face.

This book is a must have in your library of books. Dr. Lundell says we need to make simple changes that will treat the inflammation instead of believing that cholesterol causes heart disease. If we give our bodies what it needs to operate properly our health will make remarkable strides and respond.

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