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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Unintended Review: This Is the Place Takes Publisher's Reading Pile Honor

This review is really an unsolicited letter to me about my novel, This Is the Place. I don't run my own review often, but this one was irresistible and it seemed, well... fair is fair. It is still available used (sometimes for only $1 or $2!) on Amazon. And I thank Mindy Philips Lawrence, publisher of Thinking Stone Press and author in her own right, for her kind words. Sometimes the best reviews are the unintended reviews!

This Is the PlaceBy Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Published by AmErica House
Fiction, literary, historical, women's, western
ISBN: 1588513621

Unsolicited Comment by Mindy Philips Lawrence

This is The Place is so motivating! It’s an excellent lesson in tolerance or, more than that, acceptance. It’s going to go in my pile of books to dissect and study. Few books make it to that pile. I’m reading David Balducci now (two books) and have to say he’s good but won’t go in my pile (Dan Brown made it because of the intricacy of his plot in The DaVinci Code). What my reading now is teaching me is to have depth to my writing and not just random characters doing stuff. Your book, Laila Lalami’s book and V.I. Naipaul’s book all show characters operating in a backdrop of either history, geography, religion or something larger than just an individual’s story. That’s what I am seeking to do with my novel . . . still too underdeveloped to write.

Thought you’d like to know.
Mindy Lawrence, Publisher THINKING STONE PRESS

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