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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Poetry Chapbook Reviewed by Poet Jennifer Poulter

Isn't it wonderful when poets see the result of promotion or of an honor. Maggie Ball and my chapbook of poetry was named a finalist in the poetry category at US Book News and Jennifer Poulter reviewed it. I just couldn't resist posting. (-: She Wore Emerald Then:

Reflections on Motherhood

By Magdalena Ball and Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Genre: Poetry, chapbook
Published by The Compulsive Reader
ISBN 9781438263793
Illustrated with photos by May Lattanzio
Available at Amazon

Reviewed by Jennifer Poulter Just finished Maggie - utterly beautiful, painful - memorable

A book of finely cut gems to hold, admire, let their multi-facets flash their messages to mind, and the fine sharp edges of each plane hold the image indelibly.

The poets take us either side of motherhood and all the pain and joy held in between.

We visit, through Magdalena’s eyes, the arrival that makes a mother – the amazement, the awe, the juxtaposing of life’s simple statement ‘I am’ against the complexities of “The Genetic Code” that made the babe –

the organised complexity
of your extraordinary
couldn’t be simpler
as you reach a tentative
towards the future

Then we are led by Carolyn, down the narrowing path to the final drawn out exit. The circle of life completes, the child is yet to know the mother, the mother has forgotten the child…

We all forget names, I say as numb
moves from hand to heart
because it is my name she has forgotten.

Gems sparkling here remind us of those seminal joys – the babe, the birth; other gems flash from the page and we recognise, whether we want to or no – the final pages turning to the close of one life’s book.
The reviewer is Jennifer McRae/Poulter, Go to: then hit 'proceed Haiku,
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