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Friday, October 23, 2009

Recession Calls for Special Job Search Skills

Title:Over the Gap
Author: Dave Patterson
Website:www.overthegap.comGenre: Business / Career
ISBN: 9780615316208

Reviewed by Linda Brandau for Bookvisions

Over The Gap is an excellent resource for those who are serious about looking for quality employment or are interested in a career change. Written in both instruction and workbook style, it challenges the reader to take a thoughtful look at their goals, skills, and area of employment they desire. The book has charts, worksheets, sample letters, and much more. The author, Dave Patterson, is a business executive and career coach with an understanding of today's job market, and his advice is a complete look at the challenge, the process of the search, and the targeted goal.

The book shows the reader how to market themselves for the career they desire. It explains proper networking, and the interviewing experience. Chapter 9: Creating a Position for Yourself might sound overreaching, but I especially enjoyed reading it because it actually happened for me a few years ago.

Finding your place in today's job market is hard work and takes research and skill. Over the Gap is a powerful book that will assist the job seeker in a systematic method to success. I recommend this book for individuals, schools, and employment assistance agencies.” – L. Brandau

Author Biography

Dave Patterson is an author, speaker, and leadership and career coach. Find him at

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