Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Forced to Become Wealthy

Book Name: You Will Be Forced To Become Wealthy
Book Author: Finifid
Website: www.AgeOfLogic.com
Genre: Adult

Reviewed by Sophia Ofshtein

When I first got this book, I was positive it would be just another "get-rich scheme" but to my pleasant surprise, only it's underlying message was that. The bulk of the book was so much more. So much of the book is dedicated to discussing those questions we all always wonder about, especially today, in a day when there are so many more people questioning religion and faith.

Some of the content discusses a theory (which has me convinced) about our origins on this planet, and has me re-thinking some of my previous beliefs. The book definitely provides one with a ton to think about, but as you read on, you get more and more into the ideas, and really start to see the light, so to speak. It's difficult to really tell about the content, because some of the ideas are expressed so perfectly by the author, I wouldn't know how to reproduce them. Definitely not an easyread, but absolutely worth it. I'm pretty sure this book changed my life, and now I just need to get around to reading it again!

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