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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Linda Pilkington Bases Young Adult Novel on Classics

Book Title: Arthur Collins and the Three Wishes
Author: Linda Rash Pilkington
Author's email:
Genre: Fiction:Young Adult
Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-615-22213-4
Softcover ISBN: 978-0-615-26743-2
Reviewer: Tim Miller
Review link:
Original publisher:

by Tim Miller for

In the tradition of classic stories like Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Le Morte d'Artur, Colorado author Linda Rash Pilkington mixes Arthurian legend with the story of a modern-day elementary school outcast in her children's novel Arthur Collins and the Three Wishes. Readers of all ages will relate to this coming of age story about a fearful kid who finds his courage amid a time traveling adventure into ancient Britain.

Arthur Collins is a fearful fifth grader from Castleton, Colorado. Three bullies, known as the "Ruffians," have tormented Arthur for most of his days at elementary school. Unlike his courageous and popular older brother Lance, Arthur can't find the courage to stand up to the Ruffians. Now, if Arthur doesn't figure out some way to cow the bullies, his younger cousin Gwynie might become their next victim.

Desperate to improve his plight, Arthur looks into a mirror and makes three wishes. One of these wishes causes him to go back in time to ancient Britain, just a few years before Arthur Pendragon became king. Arthur Pendragon has disappeared, so Arthur Collins must stand in as a look-alike until he and Merlin can locate the real future king. A grand adventure ensues, in which both Arthur and the reader learn to
be brave.

Many authors tend to write Arthurian fiction with little or no attempt to put a quasi-original spin on the ancient tales about The Knights of the Round Table. In a time when publishers print several novels about Camelot and King Arthur every year, Arthur Collins and the Three Wishes stands out as a story of a present-day underdog's attempt to find his own courage amid the perils and chivalry of British legend.

Arthur Collins and the Three Wishes contains an eclectic mix of Coloradoan and Arthurian culture. Although Arthurian Legend is moreindicative of chivalry in medieval times-rather than post-romanBrittan-kids won't know the difference. Most children, and many adults, will enjoy Arthur Collins's transformation from a bullied kid to a brave adolescent who knows how to stand up for himself. more about Pilkington's kids books at

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Michael Clutton said...

Looking for a way to contact you. I'm new to your blog and it looks great. I need to know how to put my book "in the loop" to be reviewed and yes! I'm willing to review others!
Sounds like an awesome way to get the word around and support the art form.
Please advise or email me at with any suggestions on how to get started. Again, I am willing to review other books and yes, I have a completed novel that can be reviewed. Thanks in advance and I totally understand if you delete this comment after reading it. Sorry, couldn't find your contact info.