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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

#DreamTweet a Fun Concept in Self Help

Title: #DreamTweet
Author: Joe Heuer, aka The Rock and Roll Guru
Publisher: ThinkAha Books

Reviewed by Theresa Morrow

I would like to introduce a book I have read. I have also and worked with the author. It is #DreamTweet by Joe Heuer, aka The Rock and Roll Guru published by ThinkAha books.

While watching TV a few weeks ago, I began to notice the commercials were predominately about the Winter Olympics. I watched and listened to the athletes as they talked about what it meant to them to be a part of this worldly event. The described how much dedication it took for them to reach this goal of a lifetime but they wouldn’t have it any other way because it was their DREAM. It was so important to them, that no matter what, it was the one thing they wanted to do it was a part of who they are as a human being.

Well, this is the kind of advice, tips and inspiration you will receive when you read, #DreamTweet by Joe Heuer.

Here are just a few of the wise words from Joe in #DreamTweet:

Be specific in creating your dream. Clarity provides tremendous power. (pg 3)

~Find people who are living their dream and study them. (pg 19)
~You absolutely, positively gotta be the number one believer in your dream. No ifs, ands, or buts! (pg. 28)
~Fear is your dream’s adversary. The most effective technique for casting off your fears is to bathe them in the
light of love. (pg. 49)
~Each day spend time imagining your dream in all its resplendent glory, while feeling the rush of positive emotion that accompanies it. (pg 74)

And Joe is a great role model for his kids because they had this to say about their dad: “Our dad is the perfect person to write ‘DREAMtweet,’ since he’s living his own dream as the Rock and Roll Guru!” –Alex and Rachel Heuer

What else more can I say? So Rock on and live your dreams!

You can order your copy of download a copy of #DreamTweet at ThinkAha website.

Author Bio:
Joe Heuer, is known worldwide as the Rock and Roll Guru ( ). An entertaining speaker, author, and full-time rocker, he shares the nuggets of wisdom he has gleaned from Rock & Roll with professional audiences throughout this third rock from the sun.

He believes that in addition to being a groovy musical genre, rock and roll is a way of life that has served as his constant companion and inspiration. Joe has lived numerous dreams, including a stint as the youngest collegiate head basketball coach in the country… who never played the game.

He has written several books. Recent titles include ‘The NEW Rock and Roll Guru Guide to Customer Loyalty’ and ‘The Rock and Roll Guide to Patient Loyalty.’ He also has several rock and roll books in the works.

His wife calls him an idiot savant for his uncanny recall of obscure rock and roll lyrics and trivia.

The reviewer is Teresa Morrow of Key Business Partners, LLC, providing Marketing & Publicity Solutions for Writers, Coaches, and Speakers

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Rock and Roll Guru said...

Thanks so much for your kind words, Teresa. You ROCK!