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Sunday, April 25, 2010

#Entrylevel Tweet for Business Help

Title: #Entrylevel Tweet
Author: Heather Huhman
Genre or category: career and business
ISBN: 978-1-61699-024-4
Publisher: ThinkAha

Reviewed by Teresa Morrow for

This week I would like to share with you a book I have read and one I am working with the author entitled #EntryLevel Tweet by Heather Huhman.

The author was questioned why she wrote #EntryLevel Tweet and Heather replied, “Hiring managers expect young professionals to be job hunting experts. And there’s a strong need for quick, easy-to-digest information about entry-level job searching.”

When I was reading #EntryLevel Tweet I found myself shaking my head in agreement due to several of the points stated in the book are right on, such as:

"Don’t beat yourself up for not making the right choice at first–most of us don’t!" —>How true this is! I was going to be a marine biologist, until I went to college and found out I was not as good as math and science as I thought I once was in this subjects.

She goes on to say,"You need to choose a career that makes you happy and excited about going to work, but remember that not every day on the job will be fun". —>there is some part, it may only be 1% of your job, that you will not like doing as part of your job.

Huhman then continues on to discuss how the world for those seeking their first job out of college has changed. “Even in a candidate saturated market, there are many more (and better) ways to get in front of hiring managers than there used to be." —>Oh, yes, this is certainly true. There are people who can do a video resume for you. *Actually that is how my niece landed her first job as a reporter.

She seeks to help recent grads by providing them stepping stones to secure the proper tools to obtain in order to be more successful at landing the job.

About the Author:

Heather R. Huhman is a career expert and Founder of Come Recommended, an exclusive online community connecting the best internship and entry-level job candidates with the best employers. As an experienced hiring manager and someone who has been in nearly every employment-related situation imaginable, Heather knows and understands the needs of today’s employers and internship and entry-level job seekers.

Her expertise in this area led to her selection as’s entry-level careers columnist in mid-2008. The daily, national column educates high school students through recent college graduates about how to find, land, and succeed at internships and entry-level jobs.

The reviewer is Teresa Morrow of Key Business Partners, LLC, providing marketing & publicity solutions for writers, coaches, and speakers
(727-644-1773) and contributing editor at large at WE Magazine for Women.
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