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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Romance Junkies Reviews "Liberal Lover"

Title: Confessions of a Liberal Lover

Author: E.M. Muller
Author's Website:
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Mainstream Fiction: Contemporary, Chick Lit, Comedy

Reviewed by Pamela Denise for Romance Junkies 

Rating: Blue Ribbon Rating 4.5 out of 5

Always considered a smart but headstrong child, Maud couldn’t quite fit into her sister’s perfect shoes or get passed the strain in the relationship with her father. At the age of six, Maud win’s a small gargoyle at a church fair that will become her sole confidante. At the age of thirteen her discovery of historical romance novels roots the foundation on her hunt for love. Where, just like in one of her novels, she is determined to find the handsome, virile man who she is to find everlasting love with. During her junior year of high school, her small gargoyle speaks to her for the first time after the end of a date with a groping senior. This cements him as her voice of reason when it comes to dating, sex and the men in her life.
At nineteen, Maud, in a show of independence, moves in with a co-worker from her job at the health company, thus beginning her step into adulthood. She manages to settle down, finish college and snag a top career as a consultant. Along the way she meets several potential “the ones”. Her lovers range from college pre-med prep, country charmer, handsome attorney, to golden boy from the past. Yet Maud slowly realizes she is losing herself in her efforts to conform to their lifestyles. Tired of her search, Maud decides to put the breaks down for a while when it comes to finding Mr. Right. Even as her baby meter is ticking, she studiously focuses on career and self improvement. Then, as if by magic, a man who might just be her prince charming shows up in her life even if he isn’t exactly like the leading hero from her novels.

Confessions of a Liberal Lover is a poignant story of a woman searching for the virile handsome man of her own just like in the historical romance novels she came across as a teen. E.M. Muller does a wonderful job bringing her lead character to life. I began reading with peaked interest at the storyline and soon found myself drawn in. It felt like reading a personal journal of a good friend who'd laid herself on the line. The addition of Maud's unique conscience - the little gargoyle she took home as a child - made the story all the more memorable. The road to “the one” is much more than a series of fluffy interludes. It happens to pick up on some life lessons including personal growth, self acceptance, and that the image of a true prince may not always be quite what’s depicted in novels. This was one of the best chick lits I've read in a while. I think every woman could use a little gargoyle on her dresser now and then.
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