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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

RoundUp Magazine Reviews Thunder to Breakfast

From Thunder to Breakfast
by Writer Gene K. Garrison, and Storyteller Hube Yates. 248 pages
$21.99 Softcover
$31.99 Hardcover,
ISBN 978-1-4010-377-7 and 978-1-4010-0376-0

Reviewed by Western Writers of America's RoundUp Magazine

From Thunder to Breakfast is not so much a novel, but rather a series of stories told by a master storyteller and immortalized in ink by a more than capable writer.

The story begins when a young Hube Yates and his family move from Oklahoma to
Arizona by covered wagon. If Arizonans didn't know what was coming their way, they sure found out quickly. Yates is a character like none other; a firefighter, a family man, and a lifelong cowboy, Yates' memoirs tell of a man who has seen it all and has the stories to back it up.

Starting as a young boy and only getting better with age, Yates had a knack for being a real prankster. From scaring the heck out of border patrol agents to making a nurse almost vomit, he could take almost any situation and turn it into a humorous story that will leave you with nothing less than a smile on your face. If you want a real belly laugh or just a good old-fashioned story, From Thunder to Breakfast is a hard hand to beat.
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