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Friday, June 17, 2011

Ray Clenments Pens New Book on Spirituality

Title Zor
Author Ray Clements (J.B.)
Author's Web Site:
Genre: Spirituality-mind,body,spirit
ISBN: 978-1452895406
Reviewed by Lisa Brown for the Book Worm Society
Reviewers Rating: 5 Star
Zor by JB is a sagacious novel that ingeniously combines the worlds of the Consciousness, Spirituality and Quantum level science as definitive proof of the capabilities of human beings. The novel's main character - John is in deep need of spiritual guidance and Zor is the protagonist and spiritual guide that enlightens John into a new understanding of life and reality. The book is clear, concise and very easy to relate to.

As a devoted spiritualist and bookfreak for many years I have had the opportunity to read and study some of the most profound spiritual documents ever written. Some of those books left me with dangling unanswered questions. Other books inspired me to seek more information for further enlightenment and some books just left me confused, however Zor is one of the few books that has everything so well put together. I have finally found the book that I am sure one day will be considered a modern day gospel by all those that have the opportunity to read it. The book sums up and explains many theories that are normally expressed as separate doctrine. I found this book to be a god send and many others will find it just as valuable as there are many of us that are losing our faith because of the onerous road that life is to travel.

Zor encompasses all the main tenets of every possible spiritual belief and tangent scientific spiritual theories as we may or may not know them. Zor does not just lay out spiritual theories for the reader to make their own connections to, Zor demonstrates the theories in living color for the reader to absorb and understand. Although some of the theories are familiar this book is a great expression of all of the theories. The novel encompasses the following teachings: the effects of negative thinking, how our thoughts effect our realities, the energetic interconnection of all living things, the true affects of placebos on the mind and body, the comprehension of evil and dispelling it, the power of prayer, the power of meditation, the real reason for the building of the Hadron Collider and even Quantum physics and its relation to our spiritual being. Additionally, the book contains many more spiritual teachings but to name them all would do a disservice to the author and potential readers you need to experience this book for yourself.

From the outset, the book draws you in with the initial meeting between John Brewster and Zor. Zor is a dwarf and is targeted and insulted by some ignorant people. Zor does not respond to the insults and this lack of a reaction amazes John. Zor's refusal to indulge in the negative behavior brings about a perfect explanation of the damaging effects of negative thoughts and actions. The descriptions that are used to explain the debilitating effects of negative energy are to say the least completely accurate. Negative energy corrupts and destroys. I can say this because I have personally watched how negative energy destroyed someone's mental well being and health until it caused their suffering and death.

I could compare this book to other books pertaining to spirituality in modern day but this book bears no exact likeness to other books of this nature as it is a compendium of spiritual knowledge. This book really hit home with me because as I read it, I saw the connections that I made through my own pursuit of spiritual enlightenment come together as a whole. Without giving away too much more of the book I would like to emphatically endorse this book. I highly recommend this book to anyone, whether they are spiritually enlightened or just trying to make due while healing your life borne wounds, this book contains the spiritual "band aids" that we all need. (Reprinted with permission)
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