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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Title: The Fiddler’s Talisman Subtitle: Book 1 of The Fairy Godmother Diaries
Author: Izolda Trakhtenberg
ISBN: 978-0-9802298-1-3
Category: Fantasy/Urban Fantasy
Release Date: March 25, 2011
Length: 344 pages
Retail price: $7.99 (3.49 shipping and 6% tax if ordered in Maryland)
Binding: perfect pocket paperback

Reviewered by Elena Khazanova, orignially at

A scotch-drinking, boots-wearing fairy Godmother, her brilliant but fragile charge who loses her sunny disposition as a result of a heartbreak, and a couple or sexy, talented yet sweet guys thrown into the mix - what fun! The writing is light and rich, speaks to your senses (even the detailed description of classical performances were engaging, which surprised me - I am not really the one to listen to classical music, let alone READ about it), and the food! I'd buy the book just for the wonders of that magical ice cream shop and to drool over the spectacular meals and desserts, and to dream about a cute Irish bartender building me a perfect Guinness!

Hope in the next book we'll get to travel again (the Ireland scenes were spectacular), and see the young Jo blossom even more into a fiesty, gutsy woman she is meant to be. I love reading about the intricacies of the fairy society: their relationships, how the fairy rules are enforced, who takes care of their charges when a Godmother needs a break, all that geeky stuff. -Elena Khazanova

Overall impression of the book: entertaining, funny, unsentimental though tender at times, well-paced, engaging, quirky and fun!

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