Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Utopian Frontiers: Useful Speculative Fiction

Title: Utopian Frontiers
Author – Drew Tapley

Author's website link – http://www.utopianfrontiers.com
Genre or category – Sci-Fi, Speculative fiction
ISBN-10: 1927005124

Welcome to the world of Utopian Frontiers, a fictional story about a secret, prototypical city located on the fringes of national parkland somewhere in the Americas. The city itself is the headquarters of a clandestine transnational research corporation dedicated to developing beneficial technologies in service to humanity. Please enter this unique research environment where alternative social/political/economic/technological options are explored in the interest of the future well-being of environmental and ultimately, human integrity.

Recent and emerging world events indicate a growing mass movement demanding solutions to increasingly disturbing trends that have spawned social unrest. People need and want real solutions to real problems that threaten the very systemic basis of the democracies that claim to support and protect the peace and (so called) freedom which generations before us fought to preserve. Yet the entertainment media, to a great extent, continues to deliver trivialized adventure sagas and doomsday scenarios, whereas the public is in need of messages that imply optimism and hope for the future of humanity, delivered in an edutainment format.

The relationship between humankind and technology, a main theme of Utopian Frontiers, explores the positive applications of technology as a tool in the service of social humanity. The inevitable conflict between vested interests and vying priorities, the dramatic tension that ensues as the impact of change upon people’s lives becomes manifest, and the message of hope for the future integration of technologies with the social imperative: these are the major underlying themes explored by Utopian Frontiers.

Join a vacationing family as they inadvertently stumble upon this futuristic city, and witness their struggles as they attempt to come to terms with the challenge of self- fulfillment and actualization, and ultimately the very survival of life as we know it.

This is a timely tale about a secret, evolving society that suggests change to the basic nature of our global culture may ultimately have to include the co-opting of if not a total break from the very institutions and values that spawned and currently nurture us.

Intended to provoke meaningful discussion regarding the current “human condition”, Utopian Frontiers will make you step outside of the box, expand the envelope of possibilities, and consider the very nature of our ways and why we must nurture the long journey to a better, more meaningful, inclusive way of life for one and all.

Please visit our website at www.utopianfrontiers.com and sample some of the music tracks on our EP Utopian Front while reading the book.

And consider this: Utopian Frontiers is about researching options that will help deliver humanity to a healthier state of being, but not all “investors” agree with priorities... Want to know more about the ultimate challenges that confront the community? Read the book, and enjoy, celebrate, embrace, protect life as we know it!

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Nikki Leigh said...

Hello Carolyn - Thank you for sharing details about Utopian Frontiers with your readers :)

Nikki Leigh

Lesley said...

I enjoyed your book review about Utopian frontiers, thank you. Just recently I came across a radio station called The Book Report on Sundays. Elaine Charles was interviewing 2 authors about themselves, their latest books and about the research that goes into the books. If you want to know more about your favorite author and hear reports on the latest books, it's worth a listen. You can get the times and radio show channels on bookreportradio.com.