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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christian Booklet Series Reviewed by World of Ink

Bible Bites: Personal Devotions/Journal Series
by Shirley Kufeldt
Book Titles:
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-61244-099-6
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-61244-100-9
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-61244-101-6
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-61244-102-3
Publisher: Halo Publishing, Int.
Genre of Books:
  • Christian Devotional Journal
  • Religion
  • Devotional
  • Journal
  • Legacy
  • Inspirational 
 (Verses come from the New Living Translation)
Available at:

Reviewed by World of Ink Network
BIBLE BITES booklets are small pocket-sized monthly journals that include current prayer requests and focused daily Scripture for journaling and reflection. This is a simple solution to a situation many would like to resolve. Through BIBLE BITES people can easily learn, memorize or meditate on Scripture as they journal regularly with direction and purpose.
  • Learn, memorize and meditate on Bible verses
  • List current prayer requests
  • Respond and react to God’s Word “where you are each day”
  • Quickly Journal each day in a small topical booklet with a daily Scripture verse
  • Introduce God as the One who you them unconditionally
  • Use BIBLE BITES as an easy gift idea in place of a greeting card
  • Carry BIBLE BITES in pocket, purse, briefcase, backpack.
  • BIBLE BITES is inexpensive, sold over the internet.
  • Because it takes 21 days to develop a habit. Bible Bites firmly establishes the habit of spending five minutes each day with God’s Word.
About the Author:
After growing up with four sisters in Illinois, then raising two daughters, Shirley Kufeldt and her husband left Illinois and her daughters to retire to Northern Wisconsin in 2007. Having participated in Bible studies for over 30 years and hearing of the efforts of so many others over the years to document their personal walk of faith, she developed the Bible Bites series. Mrs. Kufeldt participates in Tea Party activities as time allows and cares for her one grandchild (when asked) with joy.
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