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Monday, December 17, 2012

What if the Normandy Invasion Had Failed?

On The Edge Of Twilight 
By Aaron T Knight
ISBN-13: 978-1468005370
ISBN-10: 1468005375
Genre: WWII novel
The author was ten years old when America entered WWII and I remember the Home Front very well. The Nazis could have won the war if the Normandy invasion had failed because it would have provided the time to use the futuristic weapons in existence and ready to be used. Allied armies were ill equipped to defend against “push button” warfare as envisioned by the Nazis which was a prelude to weapons in use today. They were the pioneers of jet aircraft, rockets and it is estimated the atomic bomb was a mere two years away from being a reality.Two stories intertwine in the novel, there are the war events, and the personal challenges to be met by Major Canyon on the SHAEF staff in London. To my knowledge no one has ever explored the staggering implicatioms of a Nazi Germany with their entire array of super weapons at their disposal.
Review: R Van Holst
On the Edge of Twilight, by Aaron T. Knight, is hard to classify. It is part military documentary, part history, part adventure story and part romance novel.
The Allies are about to invade the beaches of Normandy. Major Mike Canyon, who has already seen action, is part of the team at SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force). It is his job to monitor incoming messages and train soldiers. help make sure the invasion goes smoothly. We follow Mike's adventures as he witnesses the invasion of Normandy, and the devastation of London. We also go with him to Greece and Norway, as he tries to frustrate Hitler's attempts to browbeat the Allies into submission.
But that is not all that's on his mind.
Life seemed to be going swimmingly for Mike. He has risen from lowly beginnings to marry a beautiful woman and enjoy a job which promised lots of opportunities for success. But recently he received devastating news of his wife's infidelity. With his marriage now wrecked beyond repair, he is cast adrift once again on the sea of love, and looks for somewhere to cast an anchor. On the one hand there is Rachel, a strong-minded yet sensuous woman who holds out a promise of passion. He also meets Barbara, an intelligent and independent Red Cross girl whom he comes to respect greatly. Which one of them will he choose?
Aaron Knight documents military strategies, tactical moves and political upheaval to portray for the reader with amazing detail the volatile time near the close of World War II. But he also gives us a cast of vividly drawn characters. There are heroes, villains, clowns, statesmen, opportunists, martyrs and ordinary folk. They are trying to wrest a victory from the jaws of defeat, and to find a bit of happiness amid the dangers and uncertainties of war.

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aaron t knight said...

I am please to offer a book review of this WWII historical novel by a professional library researcher. The book is available on Amazon/Kindle. I would welcom any feed back about the novel. Thank you for your interest. Aaron