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Blog Tour and Foody Contest: Simple Sexy Foods to Stir Your Libido

Title – Simple Sexy Food - 101 Tasty Aphrodisiac Recipes and Sensual Tips to
Stir Your Libido and Feed Your Love
Author – Linda De Villers, PhD
Author's website link –
Publisher - Aphrodite Media; 1st edition
Genre or category – Cookbooks, Food, Recipes, Relationship
ISBN-10: 097095655X
ISBN-13: 978-0970956552
Amazon Link -

Do aphrodisiacs work? What exactly are they? How can I use them? We answer these questions and many more during the Simple Sexy Food virtual tour with clinical sex therapist and foodie – Linda De Villers, PhD. There are many ordinary foods that can have aphrodisiac effects – and we’re going to help you understand them.

A Message From Linda De Villers PhD

I created this book to help you enjoy the remarkable relationship between food and sex. These two themes run brightly through my own life both personally and professionally, and are inseparable from my sense of who I am. Having counseled and taught thousands of people on the loving arts, and having fed nearly as many in my kitchens over the years, I find myself in a state of barely contained excitement over the opportunity to share what I know with you. I am the only author in this field to be credentialed in both sexual health and food, having worked and presented internationally and conducted research on the joint topic over the course of my career.

Midwest Book Review –

Every culture has had its own ideas on the aphrodisiac qualities of certain foods. The abilities of some foods to enhance or stimulate human sexuality and sexual responses. Simple Sexy Food is a 247-page compendium showcasing 101 dishes to enhance the libido, spice up bedroom performance, and augment a healthy relations with a loved one. In addition to the recipes, Simple Sexy Food also provides a delineated history of aphrodisiacs, including their use and myths. Unique and thoroughly ‘user friendly’, Simple Sexy Food will prove to be a welcome addition to personal and family cookbook collections, and an ideal gift for newlyweds and the amorously adventurous!

About Simple Sexy Food –

Simple Sexy Food is an aphrodisiac cookbook like no other. Honest and direct, detailed and informative, it’s packed with exclusive recipes, food and sex tips, descriptions and histories of ingredients and even survey data about what food people find sexy. And it’s the only aphrodisiac cookbook written by a clinical sex therapist who also happens to be a foodie!

Cassanova relished the food and meals that accompanied and enhanced his love affairs: he recorded the sensual delight of special meals with his conquests; for him, food was the food of love. Why should it be different for the rest of us? Food and love, two things that sustain us physically and spiritually, have long been associated, and most of us, have a delicious memory or two of when the combination produced a moment that was nothing less than magical. With the right person, preparing and sharing a meal can be a turn-on: intimate, caring, and sensual. The rituals of cooking and dining together can cook up erotic possibilities and create intimacy and romance for all of us. Linda De Villers is a passionate cook who has traveled the world. In Simple Sexy Food, she combines her culinary knowledge with 20 years of experience as a sex and relationship expert to create a sensual self-help guide to help all couples have more magical moments in—and out—of the kitchen.

What are the essential ingredients for a romantic, sensual meal? Food that is luscious and that is especially appealing to all the senses is important; meals are truly “aphrodisiac” when they are experienced as a feast of sensual delights. But for many couples, time—not exotic ingredients—is the ultimate luxury. Getting in the mood for love requires relaxation and setting aside a moment when we can leave workday concerns aside; a little intention—whether it’s a saucy surprise or a seductive invitation—coupled with the pleasure of a special meal that appeals to all the senses can spark moments of intimacy that create all the excitement of spontaneous ones. For couples who have been together for some time, those moments can create even more intimacy, sensuality, and fun.

In its approach and philosophy, Simple Sexy Food is surprisingly simple: Eating together regularly is one factor that significantly contributes to the emotional closeness lovers experience with each other. And in today’s economy, romantic dining-out budgets are shrinking; there’s no better time to get couples in the kitchen, cooking up romance at home. In Simple Sexy Food, Dr. De Villers gives readers simple, fresh, modern recipes for seductive meals, small bites, and drinks, as well as fun, imaginative, and non-intimidating suggestions that will give even shy cooks and would-be seducers more confidence in the kitchen and the bedroom.

Simple Sexy Food redefines aphrodisiacs. In her work as a sex therapist and professor, Dr. De Villers has conducted extensive studies of current attitudes towards aphrodisiacs and the kinds of foods and meals that put modern readers in the mood. While classic aphrodisiac ingredients like oysters, pomegranates, and artichokes are provocative to the palate and the imagination, the most highly-rated romantic foods are simply delectable “passions”—luscious, suggestive foods for romance like chocolate-covered strawberries. Sushi and pasta rate highly, too, and for good reason: sushi may not be a traditional aphrodisiac, but it’s light, sensual, and undeniably sexy. In Simple Sexy Food, timeless aphrodisiac ingredients are highlighted and employed in modern recipes, but what sets Simple Sexy Food apart from other aphrodisiac cookbooks is an equal emphasis on simply delicious foods and meals that will please your partner.

Simple Sexy Food is a first: an aphrodisiac cookbook written by a relationship expert. It will provide ideas and recipes for both weeknight cooking and special occasions. On the recipe pages, it will serve up tantalizing anecdotes from her extensive surveys on how a sensual meal created a romantic moment between lovers and offer sexy serving suggestions. Because Dr. De Villers is a well-known sex therapist, it will also provide a little hand-holding—empowering advice from an expert on how to kick up your confidence a notch in the kitchen and the bedroom. Simple Sexy Food will educate and inspire readers by offering tips for making readers feel sexy before they begin, give serving tips for spicing things up romantically, and give inspiring scene and scenario setting ideas for creating truly delicious moments.

About Linda DeVillers PhD –

Linda De Villers, PhD is an internationally recognized authority on human sexuality and relationships with an emphasis on the role of exercise and diet in improving sexual function. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, and more. For a year, she wrote a monthly column in Health magazine; prior to that she was a weekly Q&A Columnist for Dr. De Villers’ private practice helps individuals and couples replace sexual concerns with confidence in themselves for a richly satisfying sex life. She carries her sex-positive focus into her popular human sexuality courses offered at several major universities and colleges. A lifelong gourmet foodie and avid tennis player, she makes her home in coastal Los Angeles.

Recipe Photo Contest –

We are holding a recipe photo contest as part of the virtual tour. Details can be found at - . We supply the recipes, you prepare the aphrodisiac food and submit a picture of the finished recipe – for the contest. The grand prize winner will get a one-on-one aphrodisiac consultation and five runner ups will receive a digital copy of Love Skills by Linda De Villers.  Contact with questions. We show the ingredients - now show us what you can do.

Linda De Viller, PhD, Clinical Sex Therapist and Foodie, shares her knowledge about the myths and truth about aphrodisiacs. She also share over 80 recipes and a wealth of love and sex tips. Get your copy at - We invite you to participate in the Simple Sexy Food Recipe Photo Contest - - the grand prize winner will get a one on one aphrodisiac consultation and five runner ups will receive a digital copy of Love Skills by Linda De Villers.

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Thank you for sharing information about this enjoyable and informational book. For people who want to include food in their time with their partner or want to find new ways to spice up their meals and their love life -- this is a must read. And - the photo contest is a fun way to share our own interpretation of recipes and to win fun prizes.