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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Romance Features Alpha Male of Authors' Dreams

Title: Hex upon Me
Author: Beth Mikell
Author’s Website:
Link to buy: Hex upon Me on Amazon
ISBN: 9781301159970
Genre: Fiction, romance, contemporary


Savannah Deason made her workaholic status a life choice, opting out of anything resembling a relationship. Aside from the occasional bed warmer, the feisty, sarcastic executive enjoys her Gucci dreams with a champagne chaser. Until a night out on the town lands her hung over in bed with a tattooed, biker god of sin or so she labels him, anyway. But a twist of fate introduces Savannah to an ‘oh my’ god faster than her nail polish can dry.

Hexon James Montgomery is anything but normal—sexy with just enough lickable qualities to beg a saint to riot. As the third generation CEO of MK Steel, he has everything, including a piss-poor attitude upon women. Love ’em--enjoy ‘em—and then walk. Having been burned by his ex-fiancĂ©, Hex isn’t looking for a repeat performance. Yet, Savannah aka his sarcasm princess, obliterates his single life credo until trust burns on the edge of sanity.


“You know,” he whispered, “had I known last night what I know now, I could have persuaded you to stay this morning.”

She drew a sharp breath, thrown off-balance by his closeness and his sexy male scent filling more than the office. “Um…excuse me?”

He chuckled, his hand reaching out to smooth over her hip. “You heard me, princess--nothing like schmoozing the boss lady to get ahead...or at least a late slip excusing my tardiness.”

Savannah turned her dark eyes on him, attempting her death glare, but only succeeded in drowning in his playful blue eyes. The warmth of his hand on her body made her heart skip, traitor. “I know you did not just go there. You must either be incredibly arrogant or completely stupid, Mr. James. Besides, last night was a mistake, plain and simple. It’s best left forgotten, know what I mean?”

She heard herself say the words, but somehow her body wasn’t listening to the facts. Her pulse leaped through her chest and up her into throat until her parched mouth felt dryer than the Sahara Desert. Worse still, her two-timing body wanted to jump into his arms. The verdict was in…she was definitely a hussy where he was concerned.

He stood, towering over her, his hand sliding around her waist, hauling her up against his body.

Again…she fit perfectly.

He leaned his head just inches from her lips. “Tell me something, princess, if I make a liar out of you…will you forgive me?”

 About the Author:

My roots are in Florida, born and raised and I’m as American as the apple pie I learned to make about ten years ago. At thirteen, my family moved to Alabama and as the years turned into several, I traveled to many countries around the world, including the Middle East.

I fell 'in love' with love at a young age and continue to believe that love really does conquer all…or at least leave me blessedly happy by the end of a book. I adore alpha males…the my-way-or-the-highway-take-no-prisoners kind of heroes, especially when they screw up and land themselves in ‘hot water’ with the heroines. It’s what makes me read another romance. It’s the moment when the Hero comes to save the damsel in distress by assessing, fighting, and then saving. Tilting the romantic ink is my passion and sharing it, my desire.

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Anonymous said...

A huge thank you to Carolyn Howard-Johnson for posting this synopsis of Hex upon Me! This title is available in all formats (Kindle, Nook etc.) @ Smashwords and Amazon for only $0.99. The book has even received a couple 5 out of 5 stars with positive reviews. It might be a great summer read!
Best wishes,