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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dr. Bob Rich Inspires Reviewer with "Ascending Spiral"

TITLE: Ascending Spiral: Humanity's last chance
AUTHOR: Bob Rich http://bobswriting.com/ascending.html
ISBN 978-1-61599-186-0
PUBLISHER: Marvelous Sprits Press http://www.marvelousspirit.com
GENRE: Fiction: Insprational, Historical, SF.
BUY LINKS are at http://bobswriting.com/ascending.html

Reviewed by Max Overton originally for Bobbing Around newsletter

Ascending Spiral is a wonderfully curious book and one that defies instant categorisation. At first, I thought it a series of historical stories -- expertly crafted and meticulously researched -- that put you right into the times so you can actually feel what the characters are experiencing. You live as Padraig, his short life terminated by a Viking raider; as Irishman Dermot fighting against British tyranny; as Amelia, the wife of a brutal landowner in Outback Australia; and as Pip Lipkin, a young man in 20th century Australia, fighting prejudice and his own failings. But it was so much more than just historical stories. The central character in each account turns out to be the same soul, experiencing different lives, learning some lessons, failing others, falling and rising, though the overall journey is one of ascent -- one soul’s journey on an ascending spiral.
This, in itself, would be a fascinating tale of men and women buffeted by circumstance, but the story is twelve thousand years in the making. Furthermore, it encompasses the lives of aliens as well as humans, told in a way that seems both realistic and meaningful. A Space Flower and a Walking Plant add their lives to the mix, and if it seems odd that these beings should be included in a story of an ascending soul, think again. Every action leaves its mark, both on ourselves and those around us, and if we do harm, we must atone for our actions before we can move forward. With every death comes an accounting and a chance for the soul to pick a future life that will help it right the wrongs of a previous existence, help it on its spiral of ascent.
If all that wasn’t enough, one is left with a strong feeling that the latter part of the book is at least partly autobiographical, as the character Pip Lipkin finally realises his long history and what it all means. He has learned lessons from his past lives and can now put them into practice. This would be enough for most books, but Bob Rich goes further, pointing out the future of the planet and the fate of every species on it unless we too learn the lessons that Pip has learned over twelve thousand years of existence.
Ascending Spiral is a book that held me fascinated while I was reading it, and made me sit and think when I finished it. I know I’ll be reading it again, especially the latter part where the future of the planet -- my future, your future -- is laid out, and how we can yet save it from destruction. Thank you, Bob, for this wonderful and thought-provoking experience.
More about the author:
Dr Bob Rich, http://bobswriting.com
Editor of Bobbing Around http://wp.me/P3Xihq-1http://bobswriting.com/ascending.html
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