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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Jason Teteak's Book Tour Offers FREE Gifts

Rule the RoomSubtitle:A Unique, Practical and Comprehensive Guide to Making a Successful Presentation
By internationally known speake
coach & traine​
r, Jason Teteak​
Book Tour includes battery of free gifts

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​Many readers of The New Book Review are authors, coaches and speakers hoping to take your business to the next level. Being a strong public speaker is a must and something I recommend as the #1 way to shoot a book to stardom in my The Frugal Book Promoter. ​ The book brings you​ the ability to ​ persuade, motivate, teach, or inspire any audience…

Author Jason Teteak gives you 50 immediately actionable techniques that apply to beginners as well as seasoned presenters and cover all areas from content creation to delivery skills to audience management.

Rule the Room can help you solve every presentation challenge with practical, step-by-step guidance—not theoretical fluff—on sixteen essential topics. Among them:

• Overcome your fear  

Finish on time every time

Customize your presentation

• Make the audience laugh

Answer any question

Here's what​ ​one reader has to say about the book:

Great practical guidance for new – advanced presenters. Jason, provides an very robust framework for improving presentations. The tips are great very practical and down to earth, book is full of ideas that will get you retooling some of your presentations and making them fundamentally so much better.
—​J​ustin Bec

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When you get prospective customers to tell you exactly what they want and then you give it to them, you make the sale.  

​Jason shows you how to do that.
You’ll learn how to create a presentation that will hook your prospects right away by showing how you’ll meet their needs; you’ll keep them captivated and hanging on every word. And we’ll teach you how to create a personal connection—with a single individual with whom you’re making small talk or with everyone in a large audience—using voice and body language alone. Rule The Room will give you specific steps and practical advice on every persuasive technique.

Rule The Room deliverables:

Deliver a killer opener

Come across as totally credible

Quickly build a relationship with your audience

Keep your audience fully engaged and craving more

Give your presentation confidently and flawlessly

Always look like you know the answer to every question… even when you don’t

And, if you order the book today, you'll receive more than
70 downloadable bonus gifts from many of​ ​Jason ​'s gifted colleagues including an e-copy of my newly formattd, expanded and updated The Frugal Editor: It's worth it to me have my New Book Review subscribers access this valuable skill.

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