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Friday, April 10, 2015

Spicy Reads Loves Contemporary Romance

Title: One to Save
Author: Tia Louise
Author's Web site link:
Genre or category: Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1508738503
Reviewer's rating: 5 Stars
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Reviewed by  Shayna Renee originally for her Spicy Reads blog

ONE TO SAVE was a sizzling, suspenseful romance that took me to another place. I completely lost myself in this book! Derek and Melissa are characters that stuck with me from the beginning and embedded themselves in my heart. I felt the complete and undeniable love they they feel towards each other, and I felt the utter gut wrenching heartache that they went through in this book. I absolutely LOVE each installment of the ONE TO HOLD series, but this book, this incredible book, left me a blubbering mess and pulled emotions out of me left and right. Tia Louise is a genius at setting the scene, giving her readers a vivid, beautiful depiction of all that is going on, transporting us to this lovely world with ease. Tia Louise fans will fall in love with the latest ONE TO HOLD novel! 

And ladies...get ready to SWOON your panties off, because DEREK ALEXANDER is BACK!

Derek and Melissa have come so far. But secrets, lies, and deceptions prevent them from having the happily ever after they both deserve. Melissa knows what it's like to be in a relationship full of lies, and she WILL NOT go through that again. When Melissa pushes Derek away, he is devastated and broken. He knows he was in the wrong, protecting her but not communicating with her. He is determined to make things right. He will stop at nothing to see her smile once again. But what if it's too late? Fool me once and all that. 

ONE TO SAVE was one helluva page-turner. Steamy, action packed, and heartwarming, I can never get enough of this series. A story about finding your light in the darkness and never letting it go, Derek and Melissa's love story will be one to remember, one to cherish, and one to learn from. I know this was the happily ever after I always wanted for these two, but I hope that it isn't the last we hear from them. #DerekAndMelissaForever

Tia Louise is the author of sexy books with a twist.
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