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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tales2Inspire ~ The Topaz Collection (Personal Awakenings)

Tales2Inspire ~ The Topaz Collection  
         (Personal Awakenings)
Genre: Molivational, inspirational, non-fiction, Short story Collection

ISBN-13: 978-1492252054
ISBN-10: 1492252050





Gems of Inspiration,
       I find it inconceivable that any title other than Tales2Inspire could possibly be assigned to Lois Stern’s Topaz Collection. Lois‘ compilation of inspiring stories is a powerful and touching tribute to the inherent qualities of compassion and strength of the human spirit. Each story touches the reader’s emotions and offers inspiration in a different, yet similar way. From the journey of Gabriel Cordell in Roll of a Lifetime, to the adventurous spirit of Luke Potter and his family in New Life in the Country, to the deep compassion and understanding of Dr. Pirnot in As I Am, the human spirit is highlighted and will move your soul in a very deep and powerful way. In a world that is seemingly dominated by the prominence of the media’s negative “News,” Tales2Inspire is a refreshing tribute to the kind and compassionate deeds that exist everywhere in our global society. I highly recommend the Topaz Collection to anyone seeking to witness the human spirit at its best.
Glenn Poveromo, Award winner speaker and Author of: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, Learn to Live Your Best Life Possible and Simple thoughts About Life and Living

Tales2Inspire by Lois W. Stern is a collection of 13 non-fiction short inspirational stories. Though my goal with the book was entertainment many of the stories teach powerful lessons that can only be taught through the prospective of someone living a very different life than mine.
There were lines that stopped me in my tracks. For instance, a high achieving diabetic high school admonishing his over-protective mother with, "Mom, do you own this disease or do I?" Another was an adopted girls realization about true happiness. Or, the incredible bond between a Dr. and her 7- year quadriplegic patient.
Many stories seek to teach us about the power of the mind, but this story may be the best illustration I've read. The first exchange between Dr. and patient was the child saying he had a "really bad tummy ache." The Dr. took that as a "clue to the healing of the soul because he could feel nothing below his neck." Then she induces him into a state of hypnosis and an amazing story begins and brings an enjoyable and enlightening book to an end.
John Graden 
Author of Near Death Experiences-Doctors and Scientists Go On The Record About God, Heaven, and the Afterlife

This book would be a wonderful gift for a friend who just might need a ...
Lois Stern has created a true gift with her Tales2Inspire anthology collection. I am proud to be a published author in the Topaz Collection of this series. The Topaz Collection is filled with heartwarming stories of personnel transformation, as daily events subtly and consistently reveal to each author new aspects of living a more full and rewarding life. The depth of the messages in each story is in contrast to the simplicity of the tales. This makes one realize that these gentle moments of awakening are available not only to the lucky few; they are available to all, especially to those who look, and, with the help of these insightful stories, see with newly opened eyes. This book would be a wonderful gift for a friend who just might need a little inspiration. There is plenty of that here for everyone!!
byAdrienne A. Drake, M.D.

Collection of the best entertaining, Inspirational short stories
Lois W. Stern, creator of "The Topaz Collection," one of the books in a series of inspirational books in the "Tales2Inspire" series, presents stories that teach, charm and warm the heart. Each story is unique yet shares a bond of uplifting and gratifying life experiences told through the words of writers like Susan C. Haley. She brings a large baby calf into the world when its mother runs into life-threatening problems trying to deliver it. The bond between Haley and and the surviving calf prevails as he grows to become a 2000 pound white bull.
Author Lois W. Stern relates how she overcame her fear of public speaking when she was a shy first grade student, by standing in front of her classmates and amusing them with an account of how she found an opossum in her garage. Their response, so excited and intrigued, gave Lois a life lesson that would bring her success later in her endeavors.
Writer Karen Pirnot, PHD, in her story, shows how she helps a quadriplegic young boy to learn to use his mental imagery to 'touch and feel' things that he can't in reality. Garret grows up to lead a fuller life due to this practice and becomes a role model for others in his situation. These are just three of thirteen exceptional works.
"Tales2Inspire" and "The Topaz Collection" has inspired new and seasoned writers to achieve success while improving their innate skills and then sharing their award winning stories; reflecting the miracles of life happening all around us. This is a book to be read and reread, learning something new each time.
Those enjoying these fascinating and sometimes humorous tales will want to move on to read other accounts of the strength and faith of ordinary and extraordinary people, in "The Emerald Collection" and in the upcoming "Sapphire" and "Ruby" collections. Each book is named for a specific gem because each story is a sparkling jewel to be read and treasured.
Micki Peluso, journalist and author of . . . And the Whippoorwill Sang

This story tells of the love of family and commitment to a couple's dreams and ...
The Topaz Collection is filled with stories that are heartwarming and inspiring. Dan, the trumpet player who battles serious medical issues ends up in a coma, on hospice care. While still unconscious he started to move his fingers up and down as we would if he was playing the trumpet and shortly after he woke up from his coma. He regained his strength and a few months later was discharged from Hospice Care. He continued to improve with the help of the loving care of his wife of many years. Another heartwarming story is of the family that moves to the Australian countryside from suburbia, with no more than a tin caravan and a shack to call home. This story tells of the love of family and commitment to a couple's dreams and how these helped them meet the many challenges facing them as they moved back to the country. This book is filled with stories in which a person realizes something that can affect their life or achieves a goal that often seems insurmountable. I think the Tales2Inspire are interesting in many different ways and encourage readers to try one. You will most likely want to get another one soon after.
by an Amazon Customer

A small gift for people looking for a personal uplift.
Like with any other collection of stories, the quality varies from chapter to chapter because of the included authors. The small size of the book makes for an ideal gift to people who need a burst of uplift, for some reason or the other, since all of the stories have the inspirational theme in common. Who wouldn't feel better when reading about a young girl who becomes a professional acrobat in spite of a severe physical handicap ("No Such Word as Can't")? And who could resist a sense of hope when reading about the appearance of what may have been an angel in human form ("Maintenance for my Soul”)?
by Harriet, an Amazon Customer

A Treasure Chest of Possibilities
The Topaz is the birthstone gem that symbolizes energy and truth seeking.
All thirteen inspirational tales in The Topaz Collection add a distinctive and clarifying facet to this gem of a book.
Charles Musgrave's "And the Music Plays On", teaches a lesson to even the most cynical of us that 'modern day miracles' indeed occur. This story gives a message of hope, despite many obstacles, and demonstrates the power of our inner strength and determination.
In "Proof of Life", Melissa Dallago explains how death taught her about life. This story is an inspiration to anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one. It is relatable, thought provoking and tender from start to finish.
This is a timeless book for all ages - the perfect gift for the reader in your life who needs an infusion of possibilities, positive energy and hope.
Maria Couchara- Jordan, MSN, RN
Author of 'Kylie's Blossoms'; Nurse Instructor

Artfully demonstrates the courage and positive motivation of ordinary people
Every day, we are deluged with stories of crimes, tragedy and natural disasters which tend to distort our perceptions of the true spirit inherent in humankind. In Tales2Inspire: The Diamond Collection, creator Lois W. Stern has offered a collection of stories which artfully demonstrate the courage and positive motivation of ordinary people. These ordinary people are sometimes placed in extraordinary circumstances which test their endurance and their willingness to stretch the limits of their knowledge and their skills. At other times, individuals are asked to believe the seemingly impossible as fate steps in to remediate past pain.
The story of A Horse named Cody was memorable in that the author gained in personal knowledge and her experience culminated in the creation of a sanctuary for abused horses. Rather than shying away from trouble, the author accepted the problem and carried through with her own learning to the benefit of others. The stories are believable and heartwarming. They speak of empathic concern for those less fortunate and of belief which propels an individual to seek the excellence within them. The collection is one which nudges the reader toward looking within and daring to take life not as it is wished for, but rather, as it is.
by a Florida Author

Irresistibly Inspiring!
This wonderful collection of endearing short stories not only lives up to its title, it delivers much more. They will lift your heart and are certain to brighten your day! You will be tempted to read them all in one sitting -- I was.
James Osborne, Author

Stories of perseverance, hope, courage and faith 
Tales2Inspire-The Emerald Collection Beyond Coincidence warms my heart, elevates my mood and is a very poignant collection of short stories which help us realize how important perseverance, hope, courage and faith play in the role of our lives. The importance of the messages and vignettes read in all the stories is a test of bravery, courage and endurance. Kudos to Lois W. Stern who is a wonderful writer and author.
Marie Gemma, RN

Tales2Inspire ~ The Topaz Collection: Awakenings & Aha Moments
Each story in this book is a winner from the annual Tales2Inspire international competition, anonymously selected by a jury of accomplished authors. You will read a 'baker's dozen' amazing stories, including stories about a man who rolls across America in his non-motorized wheelchair, a new horse owner tho learns how to communicate with her recalcitrant horse while observing other horses in pasture, a trumpet that literally saves the life of one musician . . .
This is just a sampling of the thirteen inspiring stories you will find within the pages of this book.





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