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Friday, June 12, 2015

Author Consultant Loves New Memoir

Title: The Crazy Floridan and the Birds...or the Search for
Feather Presents
Author: Jean Williams
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Genre: Creative nonfiction (memoir written in 3rd person)

Reviewed by: Teresa Morrow

This book, The Crazy Floridian and the Birds..., gives the reader
insight from a woman whose purpose is about sharing love, pure
and simple. She shares her journey from childhood to adulthood
and seeking who she is and her place in the world while finding
what matters to her. It a heartfelt story that showcases love
for people as humans at its core as she incorporates her
discovering of bird watching and how it fills her with joy.


Jean Williams is an autistic woman who grew up the only child of
brilliant parents who never sought a diagnosis for her, seeing
her only as difficult, problematic and an under-achiever.
 Diagnosed as a young adult, Jean struggled for years with
issues of self-esteem, and never even hoped to find self-love.
 An unfulfilling career as a Software Engineer, and difficulties
making and keeping friendships added to her view of herself as a
failure.  Realizing finally that she never had to live up to the
ideals of her parents - and looking to find and live only toward
her own ideals has finally helped her to live her a life of

Teresa Morrow, The Spiritual Author's Cheerleader, is a writer's coach and online book marketing consultant. She hosts "Inspiration Nation Radio" where she shares inspiration through the world of words. She is also the author of
Life Lessons from the Heart and Healing from Broken Trust: A Journey of Transformation,

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