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Monday, June 22, 2015

Thriller Recommended by US Review of Books

Four Pieces For Power
Book one in the Vendicatori Series
Author: Marc Estes
Author's Web site:
Publisher: Trafford
Genre: mystery/suspense/thriller
ISBN: 1490727140
Buy Book Link:

Reviewed by Anita Lock originally for US Review of Books

"Both shared in the amazement of how two complete strangers could become such bitter enemies without even a single exchange of words."
Andrew Correo learns the truth about his deceased grandfather and the involvement he had with the Vendicatori, a powerful organization developed to protect the Correo family's fortune. But in order for Andrew to claim his inheritance as the next Correo heir, he must compete in a challenge against Robert Stavero, an unknown contender and master of disguises. The object of the challenge is for the winner to procure all four pieces of the puzzle that will reveal the "final destination, and the largest prize in the world." Questions remain whether or not Andrew can keep this perilous competition a secret from his sister and mother, as well as outwit his maleficent opponent.
Awarding winning writer Marc Estes has produced a suspenseful story that has a James Bond feel to it. The first in a series of Vendicatori novels, Estes' third person narrative is a rapidly paced page-turner filled with unhackneyed character scenes between his sister's upcoming wedding; the contest and Andrew's nerve-racking encounters with Robert, his maniacal antagonist; a bit of romance; and other supporting characters—a few that may seem harmless now but could easily turn into future villains in subsequent sequels. Aside of the constant influx of juxtaposed scenes, Estes not only draws readers into the plot's action, but also into the lives of a well-developed cast that goes beyond Andrew, Estes' principal character. Good examples are Brad whose mother and sister were brutally murdered and Jenna who has a thing for Andrew. Estes' thriller closes with a mind-boggling cliffhanger. Earmarked to be a best-seller, there is no doubt that Four Pieces For Power will keep readers on edge till the very end.

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