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Relationship Aid Offered by Cupids Bow Technique

Title: The Cupids Bow Technique
Sub Title: From Casual To Committed Using The Power Of Polarisation
Author Name: Lyn Smith – The Queen of HEARTS
Author's Web site:
Genre: Self Help – Relationships

The Cupids Bow Technique - From Casual To Committed Using The Power Of Polarisation

This book is for women who are unsatisfied with their current relationship status either because you’re unhappy being single or are currently in an unfulfilling relationship.

The Cupids Bow Technique is step by step guide to attracting / creating a healthy committed relationship with the love of your life, with all the intimacy, passion and peace you could ever want.

I Answer All Your Questions:

How The Cupids Bow Technique uses the principles of polarisation to enable you to step into your natural feminine power

Why stepping into your feminine power brings out the natural strong masculine male inside him.
What is polarisation, why it is important? How you can create it and use it effectively by implementing The Cupids Bow Technique and be a moving target that his love arrow wants to passionately hit

How To Be A Moving Target - In The Dance of Love

What men really think about a woman who pursues them and why you would never want to be that woman. Why chasing a man will make him want to pull back. The importance of being a moving target and letting him run towards you How to deal with men when they connect one moment but then are distant the next How to use disinterest and detachment as your aces in the deck! Why men thrive on the chase and why the chase has to be as challenging as an obstacle course.

If you want more information on why men thrive on the chase and more guidance on how to be pursued by your man then - The Cupids Bow Technique - is a must read and do.
Men love it when they’ve had to earn the right to execute Cupids love arrow passionately into your heart.

Some women aren’t aware that they’ve got any negative baggage and conditioning that affect their relationship status. The Cupids Bow Technique will ensure you get lasting successful results rather than a temporary quick fix because I’ve included exercises at the start that will build a solid foundation of - healthy positive mind-set and emotional well-being states - as a strong platform for progression.

Be the woman other women admire and secretly envy for having the healthy committed
soul mate relationship that they can only dream of.

I’ll hold your hand and guide you through the process of The Cupids Bow Technique you deserve to know how to access your inner feminine power and have the love life you crave.
When you’ve practised these principles, you’ll feel really happy, alive and fulfilled in your intimate relationship

I’m really excited for you to get your hands on The Cupids Bow Technique and welcome you to our wise woman’s confidential club


Lyn Smith spent most of her life growing up and living in England and currently lives in Spain.  As a teenager, she was subjected to several traumatic experiences that went on to impact her ability to trust, love & enjoy relationships with men, this went on for decades.

As a result she felt driven to heal herself and discover how to form healthy relationships

Over the past 30 years based upon her personal research & training with the world’s leading industry experts, plus her vast experiential learning, she has subsequently designed & presented her own course programmes to share these break-through relationship techniques with women across the globe.

Lyn, The Queen of HEARTS has a proven track record as an International Relationship Coach and Inspirational Speaker.

The Cupids Bow Technique is her first book on relationships – How to go 
From Casual To Committed Using The Power Of Polarisation

Understanding the polarisation of masculine & feminine energy resulted in her creating massive attraction and a passionate committed relationship – enabling her to not only feel secure and protected but also to feel alive, fulfilled and finally at peace.

Lyn makes a difference by helping you make a difference

Lyn’s Mission is to empower you to reach your full potential in attracting / creating the ultimate intimate, committed relationship and to have a positive impact in reducing divorce, domestic violence & suicide. Her vision is to achieve our mission globally, through world-class coaching and training.

To contribute by creating a lasting legacy of safety, dignity and opportunity for children and women who have survived rape, abuse and severe trauma as a result of war crimes and sex trafficking – through the setting up of worldwide – ‘you can heal your life’ centres / retreats


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