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Monday, October 3, 2016

Title: Mentorship Basics: an overview.
Author: Charles Mathenge Rimiru.
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ISBN-10: 1539037908
  • ISBN-13: 978-1539037903


The main theme of the book is: Why mentorship or rather, what is mentorship? 

    This book was born as a result of the author conducting leadership and mentoring seminars to different groups, organizations, churches or individuals, he came to realize that quite a number of people indicate that they had heard about mentorship or the mentoring process but they do not quite grasp what is entailed therein. A lot of them also wonder why mentorship seems to be such a big deal nowadays since it seems like everyone is talking about mentorship or being mentored by someone or a group.

This book is a very basic introduction to what I would consider basic mentorship principles where I have tried to use as few technical terms as possible. I have also tried to use real life experiences where we can learn and apply these principles on a daily basis.The author hopes that this basic introduction of these principles will evolve into an even bigger series where each of these principles (and many others not included here) will be expounded upon even farther to make them more familiar and practical to anyone who reads about them. Let us enjoy this learning journey together as we navigate the mentoring basics discussed herein.

  The book itself is very plainly written and the author self -published through CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (a part of Amazon). It is easy to follow the thought pattern and ideas by the author. However, since it was edited by the author himself and a couple of friends, there are a few grammatical and spelling errors to be found in the book.

Rimiru, Charles Mathenge grew up mostly in rural Kenya, East Africa but now lives in Richmond, Virginia where he is a mentor a coach devoted to helping other people discover what it is to live a fulfilling and exciting life. He previously worked as a College Instructor/Professor for a couple of years before transition to the banking Industry where he still currently works full time. Charles has been in the Mentor-ship and Leadership Training fields since 2008 to individuals, various churches, youth groups and to men’s organizations as well especially in the areas of personal development and basic finance matters with special focus on budgeting and getting out of debt. 
He has previously authored a couple of books and articles in the academia world and is now currently working on various self-development and mentor-ship books that derive a lot of their contents from the many seminars and mentor-ship conferences he participates in.

He can be contacted on email at mcrimiru@gmail.com and also on twitter at @Rimirumc.
Charles Mathenge Rimiru.


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