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Sunday, March 26, 2017

"Powerful and Funny" LGBT Story

 Title: Womb Man
Subtitle: How I Survived Growing Up in a Booby-Trapped World
Author: Kristine M Smith
Author Website: YellowBalloonPublications.com
Category: LGBT Studies
ISBN: 7881544200682
Reviewer: Shayne Laughter
Where to buy the book: YellowBalloonPublications.com or  http://amzn.to/2munFwP

Book Review for WOMB MAN: How I Survived Growing Up in a Booby-Trapped World

“What I love about Kris Smith's writing is that she is powerful and funny without being mean; compassionate and courageous without asking for a scrap of pity. WOMB-MAN is a fresh, fast read, full of information and rousing emotion.   This is the transgender life story you want to give your teen and pre-teen, your grandmother, pastor, congressman, barista and school counselor.   Kris is walking proof that humor and a focus on what we love saves lives.” - Joy Shayne Laughter, Author, Speaker



When I was 32, I did something that made my father immensely proud. Spontaneously, he proclaimed “That’s my boy!” Immediately realizing his error, he shot a panicked look at me, eyes wide with horror. 
Equally shocked and catching my breath, I responded, “It’s all right, Dad.”   
And it really was all right. Because—for the first time in my life—I felt recognized for who I really was: a remarkable man.  
We never spoke of it again. But I began to wonder why it had taken Dad 32 years to “get” me. Or had it? Did he know something I didn’t? And if he did, why was he keeping it a secret?

Was I born intersex and surgically altered as an infant to meet gender norms (the default solution in the mid 50’s for ambiguously-gendered babies, then called hermaphrodites)? Or am I naturally transgender—a man housed in a female body? 
There are countless people like me who don’t fit gender norms. Many feel the need to hide who they truly are, to exist without being scolded as strange or feared as foreign. You probably know several of them; they just might not trust you enough to tell you. 
Something needs to change. I hope my own story helps that happen. 


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