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Friday, March 3, 2017

Readers Favorite Award-Winner for Kids Released

Little Birdie Grows Up
by Wanda Luthman
A Children's Picture Book
ISBN 9780692745090
Reviewed by: Mamta Madhavan on Reader's Favorite
Little Birdie Grows Up received a 5 Star Review
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Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers Favorite Awards 

Little Birdie Grows Up by Wanda Luthman is the story of a little bird who is welcomed into the world by Mama Bird. Birdie snuggles up to Mama Bird and feels happy with her. Little Birdie is hungry and wants to eat something. Birdie thinks a worm will be good. Little Birdie also dreams of flying up high in the sky and at the same time is scared of falling. Little Birdie is proud of the first flight and lands down with a bump. Little Birdie has grown big and has become strong. This beautiful story captures the growth of Little Birdie from that of being a baby to an adult and leaving home.

Narrated from a bird’s point of view, the story takes the reader through the various stages of development and life changes of Little Birdie. The illustrations are lively and colorful and they add a good pace and movement to the story by breathing life into the scenes and characters. It is an excellent story for interactive sessions in classrooms and school libraries as it tells kids about growing up and leaving home. Parents and grandparents can use it for bedtime story-telling as it encourages children to grow and embrace the new changes that are going to happen in their lives while growing up. The concept and message are good and definitely helpful to child readers to look at their life, growth, and development with the right perspective. The rhyming verses make the narration lyrical and enjoyable for kids


Wanda Luthman has her Masters of Arts in both Mental Health Counseling and Guidance Counseling from Rollins College located in beautiful Winter Park, Florida. She worked at a local Community Mental Health Center for 10 years before transferring to the Public School System as a Guidance Counselor. She’s worked at a High School for the past 20 years. She has also been an Adjunct Professor at the local Community College and worked with teens who had lost a loved one through Hospice. She has always loved reading and writing and wrote many books and poems as a child growing up in Missouri. She presently resides in Brevard County Florida with her husband of 21 years and two dogs. Her daughter is away at college, like Little Birdie, she has left the nest. All of Wanda's books are available on Amazon at She writes to encourage kids to be the best they can be! 
You can follow her blog at or her Facebook Fanpage at She is also the author of The Lilac Princess and A Turtle's Magical Adventure. Learn more about the author and all of her books at 


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