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Monday, September 24, 2018

Dr. Bob Rich Reviews Real Magic

Real Magic by Dean Radin

Title: Real Magic
Subtitle: Ancient wisdom, modern science, and a guide to the secret power of the universe
New York: Harmony Books
ISBN 978‑1‑5247‑5883‑7
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Reviewed by Dr. Bob Rich

Given my scientific training, I don’t believe anything, but go with the evidence. This has led me to a tentative model of reality, which I modify as I am forced to accept new findings.

The worldview I have developed over the years has been supported and strengthened by reading Real Magic by Dean Radin. However, I have also needed to modify it. In clear and often humorous language, Dean presents the case for the reality of “paranormal” abilities. The experiments, observations and examination of historical records are convincing evidence that people can use mental force to affect objects, influence other people, change the future, and foresee what is going to happen. There is even the case of one person reported to be able to influence large-scale weather events.

As with another of my interests, evidence for reincarnation, the reaction of many people is dismissal. It can’t be true, because it is unscientific.

This is “scientism,” and is illogical. Science is not a body of beliefs, but a method of inquiry that can be applied to any field -- and we need to go with the findings regardless of where they take us.
About my only criticism of this amazing book is overkill in two chapters. Chapter 4 on the history of magic, and chapter 8 on the opinions of contemporary scientists, are full of names, each an appropriate documentation, but too many of them. This eagerness to document is understandable when facing the prejudice of scientism, but even without all those allies, Dean’s case is indisputable.

There is also the examination of how such things are possible. The conclusion is the same as that of quantum mechanics, and of the study of reincarnation: The Universe is One, and is Consciousness. The material universe we sense, of matter, energy and time, is a derivative of this Consciousness. And the Universe is indivisible, whole, so your consciousness is part of All, and separation is an illusion. When you can tune into the Universal Consciousness you are, you can do things that make no sense from an isolated, materialist perspective.

Every intelligent person, and especially every scientist, should read this book.    


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Dr. Bob Rich Reviews Real Magic

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