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Monday, June 10, 2019

Dining Out On Planet Mercury (Dining Out Around The Solar System Book 4)

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Clare O'Beara
Kindle Edition
Book 4 in the Dining Out Around the Solar System Series
·  ASIN: B074Y53JMX

Please see the reviews for book 1, book 2, and book 3 as this is the fourth and final book in the Dining Out Around the Solar System books.

Donal becomes an interpreter for the police in book four as knows the language of people from planet Mercury. A Mercurian girl, Surrune, is suspected of murder, and Donal is there to help, wearing trousers with solar panels to be able to charge his electronic gadgets. Myon, the Jafraican journalist, also helps as he and Donal are a team for London’s Eye. Donal works on his writing for publication in this book. The food scenes in restaurants are wonderfully described as Donal still writes restaurant reviews. The pair ride the tube and walk to their destinations.

At Surrune’s, they find off-world workers are being exploited as there are too many people crammed into the rented spaces inside mansions. The landlord does not have proper permits. The building could not have passed health or safety inspections for many reasons. Doors are blocked, some tenants have no escape routes, and poor air quality are just some of the code violations. Similar mansions are standing empty or unoccupied -- inviting other troubles.

There is a British Parliamentary election, and the police need to keep public fears to a minimum. One of the election issues is the rising sea, and another is the health issues of the space miners. Donal’s mother had radiation sickness from working for BSM (British Space Mines) and died. His concerns are understandable. The off-worlders may not vote, so they can’t help themselves through politics.

An interesting micro-business set-up is that people are using the former red telephone boxes for small businesses such as mending, sewing, dog-walking services, or other small shops. There is even a directory of red box businesses in London. 

Climate change is affecting life in London with cut flowers being less popular due to their carbon footprint. With the sea level rise, the water table is saltier. Care must be taken with trees and plantings. Only cremation is permitted as London has no more space for burials. We learn about how climate change has affected other areas of the world, as well, such as Australia.

A case of jealousy almost causes Donal a terrible problem, but he insists it is a misunderstanding. His attitude again reveals he is a nice person.

The overcrowding issue is resolved in a most off-world manner, both on and off Earth. Oh, best of all, Donal and Myron have girlfriends by the end of the book, which is a satisfying ending after reading all four books.

Winter is approaching, and it is time to think about getting shuttle-flu jabs before Christmas!

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Dining Out On Planet Mercury (Dining Out Around The Solar System Book 4)

Dining Out On Planet Mercury (Dining Out Around The Solar System Book 4)

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Carolyn Wilhelm
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