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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Third in the Dining Out Around the Solar System Series by Clare O'Beara

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Clare O'Beara
Kindle Edition

  • Print Length: 327 pages

    • ASIN: B0150KLQIE

    See also reviews for book 1, book 2, and book 4.

    By now we are familiar with Donal and Myron and to what great lengths they will go for a story as journalists. and help others in futuristic London. Working on an article about imports from the planet Mercury will have them doing just that. They also find out that not all of the off-world immigrants have the best intentions, causing them to take chances to get the story, yet again. Student protesters cause a riot at the dome, which will be another big story for the two friends. They are by now considered the foremost journalism off-world watchers.

    Donal has it on good authority that mint green is the color of the season. Which is not the reason large buildings in major cities around the world are lighted in green for the 17th of March. Since he is press from London’s Eye, he tries to get in the large dome no one is allowed to enter. Do you guess he will find a way in and also uncover a story?

    Again, this book has scientific information, and in this one I learned quite a bit about the bubonic plague. There is also fiction, of course, and ground squirrels in American squirrels now have bubonic plague. I looked it up online and they actually do now in a few parts of the USA, resulting in a very few human deaths per year. It took a science fiction book to help me realize that fact. Rats are part of a problem in this book, but our heroes will try to solve the situation. After all, they helped origami be considered as an Olympic sport. A sports reporter was sent to cover a tournament. Yes, an Origami tournament, or “alternative” sports.

    We learn more about climate change and the runaway greenhouse effect making lakes and seas very acidic. The Londoners are practical and wear solar panels in their coats or shirts to charge their tablets, phone, books, and other electronic devices. People move up the mountains to avoid the wind as it results in additional problems. Climate change contributes to problems in society. Students protest because of student loans, not being able to find employment, and being financially strapped – which sounds like many college graduates today. The problems in the book mirror our problems today in many ways, including racism, women’s rights, tax evasion, migrant worker issues, and others we hear about on a daily basis. It is a dystopian story.

    The heroes are modest, as this quote reveals:

    “London’s Eye would win an award for breaking and covering the Skybridge story the following spring; we let Kipp and Angie go to collect it at the prestigious Press Awards dinner. We reckoned they deserved it."

    Donal and Myron could have accepted the award but chose to let others have the glory.

    Americans, be sure to read the Glossary of London terms such as "whistle and flute" means a suit. Fun!

    Third in the Dining Out Around the Solar System Series by Clare O'Beara

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