Monday, July 6, 2020

The Magic of Book Reviews ~ With Lessons From the Little Red Hen


by Lois W. Stern

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As authors, we know the importance of getting book reviews. We ask our friends and personal contacts to write reviews for us, post notices about our books on author friendly websites, upload our e-books to sites that invite us to do so . . ., all in the hopes of attracting potential reviewers. Sometimes we even pay companies to review our books, while enticing others to do so. 

Hey folks, maybe we are overlooking the greatest source of all, the one right at our fingertips - our fellow authors. 

So what’s with this Little Red Hen

In the childhood fable, The Little Red Hen, when the hen asks a cat, dog and mouse for help planting, harvesting and grinding the wheat, she gets no takers: "‘Not I!’ said the cat. ‘Not I!’ said the dog. ‘Not I!’ said the mouse." So she ends up doing all the work herself. But when the preparation was all done, even though all the barnyard animals were eager to share in the feast, she did that part all alone as well. 

We have an Authors Helping Authors platform right here. So let’s build an Authors Helping Authors mindset right now. Read through the brief synopses you see listed below. A least one of these books surely will pique your interest. Contact that author for a FREE copy with an understanding that you will review their book within 30 days..

On a time crunch? Aren’t we all! So today I would like to share some ideas to keep your reading and review writing time both Frugal and Ethical. 
  • Read the Amazon posted synopsis of the book first for an understanding of that book’s content.
  • When you contact the author for a free copy of the book you are reviewing, ask them to also send you any promotional materials they have on hand for a quick overview of content and style.
  • Ask the author of that same book to suggest about 50 pages to give you its style and flavor. 
  • Write a first draft of your review. It doesn’t have to be long or flowery. (A review of 150 words or more is fine.) It doesn’t have to be 5 star either. (Just be sincere, yet kind. And if you think this book deserves less than four stars, decline to review it, but give the author some helpful hints on what they could do to improve it.)
  • Try using your review to help promote yourself. (When I add my photo to the review image box, my name, and the words, Author, Creator of Tales2Inspire® seem to pop right into the box.)

Let me help you with my regular post of free books to review right here on #TheNewBookReview. 
Here is the link on how to submit your book to get FREE reviews (except for the cost of a book):



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Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

I love The Little Red Hen. It was a favorite story as a child, though I admit that in high school i liked group projects the least. Ahem! (-;

Lois W. Stern said...

As a child I loved all the fables and fairy tales, and I guess a part of the adult me never outgrew that passion. Does that mean I'm still a child at heart? If som I don't want to grow up yet!