Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Carolyn Wilhelm Reviews "Flash Fiction for Animal Lovers"--an Always-Free Ebook

Title: Flash Fiction for Animal Lovers
Author: Theodore Jerome Cohen
Genres: Flash-Fiction, Animal Fiction
Available free at Amazon
Flash Fiction for Animal Lovers is always and permanently free! 
The eBook is FREE from Amazon, B&N, and Kobo. 

Reviewed by Carolyn Wilhelm

Dr. Theodore Jerome Cohen begins his book with a photo to inspire his flash fiction writing. Often the stories he imagines from the pictures are from actual historical or cultural events. They are from different time periods and countries, as well. Each piece ends with a zinger to ponder. 

Flash Fiction for Animal Lovers is always and permanently free! The eBook is FREE from Amazon, B&N, and Kobo.  Cohen uses both footnotes and end-notes, and this last section in his books are as entertaining and interesting as the stories. For instance, in Flash Fiction for Animal Lovers, the writing piece “Valor” (about a bomb-sniffing dog) has the following footnote. [iii] Valor U.S. Marines from 1st Battalion, 5th Marines, Regimental Combat Team 8, carry Drak, an injured bomb-tracking dog, to an awaiting helicopter at Forward Operating Base Jackson, Afghanistan, on September 8, 2011. Both Drak and his handler, Sergeant Kenneth A. Fischer, were flown out of the country for surgery and recovery. Eventually, in line with military custom, Fischer will adopt.

English teachers will be able to use this free eBook as a mentor text for writing students when teaching flash fiction. Students may think a short piece is easy to write but that is not necessarily so as the writing must be concise and thought-provoking. 

More About the Author

Theodore Jerome (Ted) Cohen is an award-winning author who has published more than ten novels--all but one of them mystery/thrillers--two books of short stories, eight flash-fiction anthologies, and an anthology of short stories and flash fiction. 

More About the Reviewer 

Carolyn Wilhelm is the author of The Wise Owl Factory site and blog. She has an MS in Gifted Education, an MA in Curriculum and Instruction K-12. She also offers free Twitter social media images to participants on this blog with permission for them to use in their marketing campaigns. Reach her at 

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Carolyn Wilhelm Reviews "Flash Fiction for Animal Lovers"--an Always-Free Ebook

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