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Saturday, February 5, 2022

Bob Freeman Introduces His H2LiftShips Sci-Fi Series

Series Title: H2LiftShips
Titles: Beyond Luna and A Back Story 
Coming spring of 2022, Bosons Wave
Subtitle: A tech manual for a future
Author: Bob Freeman
Category: Science Fiction 
Publisher: Indies United Publishing House, LLC
Page count: 331
Both books available in paperback and a variety of ebook formats at Amazon: and 

ISBNs: 9781644562376 and 





The premise of the stories is to build an Anti-dystopian commerce-based world using the tools already available on this planet and to answer the question, "How do the exhaust plumes of those fantasy ships do nothing downwind from the blast?"


Our spaceships are not rockets, which have huge emission issues. but use a light, explosive gas to move out of Earth's gravity field, wrapped in a colorful balloon shell.

To keep it simple, there are no aliens, monsters, blasters, exploding computers or half-dressed humans.  We just have regular sentients making a living in our heliosphere around Sol.


Driven by commerce, sentients bring their cultures, assumptions, and attitudes to the wider heliosphere.


We follow our main characters as they make their way across the heliosphere on the H2LiftShip, the LunaCola.  They are: 


Graciela Lourdes, female,  Homo sapiens

Tangsapor Kewellan Candrey, male, Pongo pygmaeus

Jack San Freedog Jr., male,  Canine familiaris

Octopus, male,  Octopus sp.

And a host of sentients they meet along the way: Family, pirates, merchants, and the Navy.

About the Author

Bob Freeman graduated from Humboldt State Univ, California after flunking out of UCLA because he spent too much time in Yosemite. He continued the education scheme by taking four years to complete a two-year Master program studying Anaerobic bacteria digesting Lignin. That effort took so long because he spent too much time in the Trinity Alps.


Forced to work for a living, the author spent eighteen years in the Imperial Valley, as a Public Health Microbiologist/Lab Director, with emphasis on border Tuberculosis and all the other nasties that seem to interact with humans, bats,  and dogs (We're talking Rabies).


Freeman also developed a Laboratory Information System software for Public Health Labs, still in use today and wrote innumerable laboratory/software manuals and more recently he is applying much of that experience to writing Science Fiction.  

Learn more about him at his website, , on Twitter at  @h2lift and  on LinkedIn at

Watch for Vol 3, in this series,  "BosonsWave," It is due sometime soonish.

Bob Freeman Introduces His H2LiftShips Sci-Fi Series

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