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Monday, February 7, 2022

My Octopus Teacher Film 10 Discussion Questions

My Octopus Teacher Film 

10 Discussion Questions

I loved the film, My Octopus Teacher. My daughter who has never liked cephalopods so much I could barely mention the title to her didn't watch it. She doesn't know what she is missing, in my opinion. Although there is a lengthy discussion guide online, I wrote ten discussion questions to encourage people to talk about the movie. The site's critical consensus reads: "A heartwarming look at the way a meaningful bond can transcend just about any barrier, this documentary will leave you asking your friends to come and see My Octopus Teacher with you." Living in a pandemic, that left me to watch it alone as no one in my so-called bubble wanted to watch (or discuss) the movie. So, that leaves me to write a blog post. Having watched it months ago, I still feel the impact of what I learned. 

My Octopus Teacher Film 10 Discussion Questions

For the questions that are less easily answered from only viewing the film, please see the long yet engaging official discussion guide. Here are my questions to get started:

Why did Craig Foster begin a daily diving regimen? How was it filmed? Where was it filmed?

2.    Did you connect with the protagonist, the octopus? Did the protagonist have a name? Did she have a memory?

3.    What portion of the life of the octopus did Foster record? What is the usual life expectancy of a cephalopod? How did you feel when he did not intervene or help at critical moments, like when the shark attacked or she gave birth?

4.    Do you think this movie was part of why the UK declared some octopuses, crabs, and lobsters as sentient beings in 2001?

5.    What is the range of temperatures in a kelp forest? Why? Describe the self-discipline needed to form a relationship with the octopus and record the information.

6.    How is climate change affecting kelp seaweed forests? How do kelp forests help climate stability?

7.    Why do you think Foster said, “What she taught me is to feel that you are part of this place. Not a visitor. And that’s a huge difference.”

8.    How did the story show love, friendship, connection, and hope? Do you think it was a love story?

9.    How does cold water stimulate brain activity? How long did Foster and the filmmakers have to hold their breath?

1             What is living science, according to the Sea Change Project?

Have you had a “teacher” in nature? Tell about your experience. 

If you have not seen the film, I hope to encourage you to do so. Here is a trailer that might help. 

Last, but hopefully not least as they say, here is the free instant download question guide I wrote. Click on the next link to download your copy. 

Discussion questions free instant download PDF

My Octopus Teacher Film 10 Discussion Questions free instant download

Thank you for reading, Carolyn Wilhelm of the Wise Owl Factory LLC 

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