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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Carolyn's Best Books of 2010 List

I write a "Back to Literature" for and have the privilege of listing my favorite books for that site in January. I hope you'll go there and check out the lists of all the columnists and reviewers there. In the meantime, here is mine:

Three Dog Night by Peter Goldsworthy. Viking (imprint of Penguin). ISBN 0670893986

Water for Elephants (Algonquin Books) by Sara Gruen ISBN-13: 978-1565125605

Love is Like a Rainbow by Dawn Colclasure. Gypsy Shadow Publishing. ISBN 9780984452101. For easy, light, rhymed poems about love.

Memoirs of the Soul: A Writing Guide by Nan Merrick Phifer (Foreword by Hal Zina Bennett). (A new edition.) Ingot Press, ISBN: 9780984206001.

It was the best of sentences, it was the worst of sentences by June Casagrande. (Ten Speed Press) ISBN-13: 978-1580087407

Mortal Syntax: 101 Language Choices That Will Get You Clobbered by the Grammar Snobs--Even If You're Right, by June Casagrande. (Penguin) ISBN-13: 978-0143113324

55 Ways to Promote & Sell Your Book on the Internet by Bob Baker. (, ISBN-13: 978-0971483866

(Note: Please see my list of  Noble (Not Nobel!) Prize winners for 2010. It's in my
"Back to Literature" column that runs every January on Columns are archived so you can see my past lists there, too.
For more contests that judge books based on quality rather than their covers or the press they are printed on, go to .)

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