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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Historical Fiction Reviewed by Nurture Your Books

by Holly Weiss

Historical Fiction
 ISBN 978-1-935188-10-0
 Now available in Kindle $2.99
Author website

Reviewed by Bobbie Crawford-McCoy of Nurture Your Books

 The roaring 20′s were a time of great prosperity for many American  families; finding an excellent family vacation spot was a favoured past-time for the more affluent, American citizens. The story of the Crestmont Inn is set between the years 1899 to the late 1920′s and the story unfolds in Eagles Mere, Pennsylvania. Although Gracie Antes loved her family and her home, the  innocent crush on her sister’s fiancĂ© has gone a little too far; unsure of how she would be able to deal with it all, Grace quickly decides to move forward her plans to leave home and become a famous singer. By chance,  Gracie finds an ad in a newspaper that offers several positions at the Crestmont  Inn. The story includes a cast of well-developed, true-to-life characters who are fascinating and believable at the same time. Crestmont is a  smoothly-flowing story with an emotionally-poignant narrative; all of the story elements blend seamlessly together to produce an undeniable echo of a simpler time, gone by. The Crestmont Inn, described in the story, is in actual fact, loosely based on the real Crestmont Inn; if readers wish to enhance  their reading experience, they may want to make a visit to the real Crestmont Inn, in Eagles Mere, Pennsylvania. At the beginning of the book, readers will find a note, written by the author and a map of the Crestmont Campus; at  the back of the book, readers will find an Afterword written by the author,  a list of end-notes and a list of research sources for books, websites and other resources. The perfect paperback edition is beautifully bound with well designed and visually pleasing front and back covers. Also available in eBook format, Crestmont is a shining example of historical fiction and its ability to breathe new life into the past. A very highly recommended read for historical fiction fans!

An excerpt from Crestmont

“Masses of yellow crocuses opened their mouths to drink in the morning  sun. A little outlet pond greeted him at the base of the hill and he excitedly began his climb. Mountain laurel and bird song encouraged him along the way. At the summit, ideas flooded his brain more numerous than the felled  branches around him. A stunning view of the lake took his breath away as he reached the top of the mount. Standing motionless at the center of this new universe, he mentally transformed Cyclone Hill into The Crestmont Inn. Amidst the devastation surrounding him, William Warner planted his feet 2200 feet above sea level and knew he stood on opportunity.”

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