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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nurse Practicition Recommends Book on Cosmetic Surgery

Title: Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery

Subtitle: Things You’ll Never Learn From Your Plastic Surgeon
Author Name: Lois W. Stern
Publisher Name: Infinity Publishing Company
Note: Two editions available:
Genre: Self-help – Health and Beauty
ISBN: 074143220X (Text only edition)
ISBN: 0741460548 (Text edition with Interactive back-of-book CD)


From the bedroom to the boardroom, over one hundred women share refreshingly candid stories of how cosmetic surgery has impacted their lives. Through memoir, journalism and research, this book explores provocative themes such as post-surgery sexuality, amorous feelings toward one's plastic surgeon, ambivalences, misperceptions and more. Reaching beyond the typical tell-all book, this author brings the anecdotal into sharp focus by using her finely honed humor, interviews with respected professionals and cutting edge research to deliver content as rich in entertainment as in authenticity.
The text for this edition with an interactive CD is identical to that described in the synopsis for the text only edition ISBN: 074143220X . (See description above) This edition supplements the text with a user-friendly back-of-book CD, a cleverly designed index, but much, much more. This CD provides printable forms (helpful checklists, quizzes, lists of questions, structured guidance and resources) to supplement the major themes within the book, additional published articles by this author, as well as audio and video meet-the-author segments.

Reviewed by Judith Shapiro, nurse practitioner

This is the best book EVER on women and Cosmetic Surgery, and I have read many! It is both refreshing and amazingly honest. I was blown away by Chapter 5 (Utter Humiliation) where Stern explores her feelings of sexual attraction toward her plastic surgeon. I wasn’t surprised that this event occurs, but I must applaud this author’s willingness to explore her experience with such candor. As a whole, this book is thoughtful and insightful, yet written in such a readable, charming manner. You can read Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery on many levels. The quality of its research is impressive, as is obvious from the resources noted in her footnotes. But Stern’s research simply serves as a backdrop to the wonderful anecdotes and personal stories she shares, taken from both her personal journal and the many candid interviews she has conducted with other women. Finally, do not overlook the checklists, quizzes and self-assessment tools at the back of the book. They provide accurate, practical guidance for any woman considering cosmetic surgery. I work along side a highly regarded plastic surgeon and have been recommending this book to his patients. They come back and thank me.

Sex, Lies, and Cosmetic Surgery should be read by husbands or ‘significant others’ who either question the need for cosmetic enhancement or are confronted by some of the emotionally driven issues that emanate from it. Often these circumstances require total understanding when the post-surgical patient emerges with both psychological and physical changes. Author, Lois Stern, discusses all aspect of this sensitive subject in a light-hearted, yet sincere tone, for everyone seeking or affected by surgical enhancement of physical appearance.

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