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Monday, January 31, 2011

Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You
[Kindle Edition]

By Yvonne Perry
Foreword by Caron Goode 
 Kindle Price: $9.99 includes free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet

Reviewed by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Ahhh, yin and yang. My mother thinks I'm stubborn. I'm pretty sure she didn't mean it as a compliment. A boss of mine once said I was persistant and I'm pretty sure she meant it as a compliment.

Having empathy is a Janus-faced thing, too. I always preferred friends who had empathy and it never occurred to me that, uncontrolled, it could be a curse. I also had no idea they were called "empaths." I knew a bit about "detachment," too. Mostly from studies in psychology. I knew that often people assign yin and yangs to that concept, too. Most find it kind of distasteful. You know, unfeeling. Only a few know of its healing powers, both for the person who practices it and the person it's "practiced" on.

As you can tell, Yvonne Perry's Whose Stuff Is This? really got me thinking. Once I had determined that I am not am empath--or at least not much of one--I thought it an interesting book but not really for me. I was wrong. I learned much from it.  I learned about my own belief system. I was comforted that many of the life-skills I use are not only accepted, they're essential. But mostly I was inspired. Yvonne's story is wrenching. The courage it took to share that story to help others was awe inspiring. Anyone who is suffering from depression, fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, anxiety attacks, hypothyroidism and more and can't seem to heal should read this book.

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1 comment:

Yvonne Perry said...

My dear Carolyn. Thank you so much for this review of my book. I truly appreciate your taking the time to read my book and make these comments.