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Friday, May 18, 2007

Bank Roll: Berry Thinks It's On a Roll

Bank Roll
By Janet Elaine Smith
Publisher: Star Publish
Author's Website:
Available on Amazon

Reviewed by Ron Berry

Max was not going back to that hick town. She had landed a job as a crime reporter at the big city newspaper. She had made the big time!! The sale blindsided her. She did not leave her job; her job left her. Now what? The ad said "Help needed, owner retiring." Salvation!!! It was her hometown hick paper, but it was a job. She called home. All she heard was, “Kidnapped!” All right! Not only was there a job opening, but a big-time story as well. This time there wasn’t a moose involved. It is rare for a moose to kidnap a bank president.

Yep, Bank Roll, by Janet Elaine Smith is all about a kidnapped bank president. This is the first in what promises to be an excellent series about Max Stryker, crime reporter, sleuth, and all around fun person. Check out the moose; he has a tail to tell. Watch the Five Bungling Idiots, otherwise known as the FBI, chase their tails and look in all the wrong places. But in the end it is a tale of who got whom that will keep you glued to your seat, with one hand in the popcorn bowl. Make sure you have a large drink also because the laughs come fast and furious.

Most bank presidents lust for money; this one, however, has different tastes. His loans are safe, but not his hands. He doesn’t have a lot of friends in this town, but kidnapping is still a crime. Bud Stryker, Max’s father, is the chief of police, the Mayor, and just about every other town official. It isn’t a big town.

Shane Foster drew the cover. This young man has talent. Pick up your very own copy of Bank Roll before Oprah sees it. Once that happens, they will be hard to fi

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