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Friday, May 11, 2007

Night Demons--My First Submission!

Here is my first submitted review. Thank you to Stacey Bucholz and Howard Hopkins for permission to include it on my blog.

By: Howard Hopkins
My Space Space:
Publisher: Golden Perils Press
(378 pages) Paperback: $22.99
Available from,
Review by: Stacey Bucholz
5 Daggers

NIGHT DEMONS is truly gripping! I have to say that this is my favorite book to date by Mr. Hopkins. I'm a big Stephen King fan and I felt like I was reading one of Mr. Kings books right from page one and all the way to the end. From the very start of NIGHT DEMONS I felt the same excited anticipation that only Stephen King has been able to give me in a horror book.

Mr. Hopkins delighted me with his visual detail and his excellent way
with words. He has written a great book of horror and suspense and I loved every single minute of NIGHT DEMONS. I was so surprised and absolutely thrilled while I was reading, to find that Mr. Hopkins had surpassed himself. I didn't think it was possible.

If you love true horror, the kind that really creeps you out and won't
let you read without all the lights on, then you will absolutely love
NIGHT DEMONS! I haven't been this frightened by a book in quite a while and I loved it! Mr. Hopkins is a true master at scaring the socks off you. He sure didn't hold back his imagination while leading me through a hell of a terrifying ride. I've been an admirer of Mr. Hopkins work for quite a while, but now I consider myself one of his biggest fans. Grab NIGHT DEMONS if you sincerely want the scare of your life!

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